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Making Wind Power
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Wind Power

There is a big difference in wind energy and wind power. Wind energy is the energy that the wind supplies but wind power is the power supplied by the energy of the wind. Wind energy is practically in limitless supply but we have to produce the power from the wind.

Wind is a very important way to create electric power. Wind energy is a clean and renewable source of power. Wind is better then the conventional ways like non renewable fuel sources which are not a clean source like wind.

Wind power is a clean and renewable resource some benefits of wind power.

1.wind power is a free resource we can harvest it freeof charge we don't have to mine it or drill for it as we have to do for coal or fuels. By using wind we are saving our non renewable resources and making them last longer.

2. By using wind power we do not make any hazardous impact on our environment because it is environment frindly and do not emit any harmful gases.

3. Wind energy is an endless supply . It is available uninterrupted and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week so you will have fewer power outages.

4. Using wind power is very cost effective once we get the windmill built and have spent our initial cost after that we have no escalating cost our electric bills remains the same.

5. Whenyou have your own windmill you have your own source of power . When you have your own source of power you are no longer dependent on the commerical electrical grid or the government supplied power.

In order to become power independent we have to get our own source of power. We can do this by getting our own windmill. A windmill is a mechanical turbine that turns mechanical energy into electrical power with the assistance of of wind energy. This way we become energy independent because there is an abunbance of wind energy.

A windmill is a wind turbine which can be constructed by getting a kit with its own step by step instructions. Or you could purchase your own individual components and construct your own wind generator. Now in order to construct your own wind turbine you will have to get blabes and rotor, a shaft, a tower to mount it on, a base to mount your tower on, then you will need a generator to supply your electricity.

There are pre-requisits for constructing a windmill you would need about an acre of land and a location where there is a good supply of wind approximately 11 miles per hour.

There are advantages to having a windmill.

1. youcan run all your electrical and electronic appliances for free.

2. You could pump water.

3. You could heat all the water you need.

4. If you live on a farm you could run all the farm equipment.

5. You can do all this and more for free with clean energy.

By building a wind turbine at home or on a farm you will make the world a better place in which to live. Wind power is considered to be a green solution to our power problems. Wind turbines do not damage the environment like fossil fuel generated power. Wind power will give us a more promising and cleaner future our children and grandchildren.

You can do all this by making your own wind turbine or mabe you would like to construct your own solar solution with solar panels and reduce or eliminate your present light bill.m

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