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Solar Q & A-Part 1
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I want the newest technology so I'll just wait awhile!

The truth is the solar industry has not improved much over the last 50 years. Unlike most electronics that have improve over time, solar has progressed rather slowly, but with the 30 percent federal solar tax credit (plus the state incentive programs) it just makes sense to go solar right now.Your panels will give you years of services and the sooner you have them installed, the sooner you will begin reaping the rewards.

On overcast or foggy days will I still be able to generate electricity?

Yes, Solar panels will work just fine in those conditions and will produce plenty of energy, solar panels are actually more efficient when the air is cooler. Fog and clouds will allow some sunlight to reach your solar panels, where as shade, will not allow the light to get in. Actually the amount of power you’ll produce depends on how thick the layer is between the sun and your panels.

What happens to the excess power I generate, will I lose it?

No, solar systems are connected to the power companies electrical grid. When your system generates excess power during the day, it is fed back into the grid through a system called net metering. When your meter starts spinning backwards,your utility company will credit you for the excess power to be used when you need it most. This is preferred method by most homeowners!

Solar panels will be too expensive to maintain!

No,Solar panels do not require any regular maintenance, however, it is recommended that you clean the panels once a year by hosing them off. Dirty panels will cause a slight loss in efficiency, but only around 5%. If any type debris falls onto the panels, you should remove it as soon as possible, other than that, that's all.

Will I ever be able to replace the shingles that are beneath my solar panels?

Yes,if you should ever have a problem with the roof that needs to be repaired, panels can easily be removed. Solar panels are not attached directly to the roof, they are attached to a rail that is attached to the roof, this also allows air to flow beneath the panels which helps keep them cool. The panels actually protect the roof from the elements, A word of caution, if your roofing shingles are old or leaking, they should be replaced before installing your new solar panels.

How long will my solar panels last?

They have a 25 year warranty and there are some that are still in use after as long as 40 years. Solar panels lose on average .5% efficiency each year so after 25 years they would still be 87.5% efficient and after 40 years they would still be 80% efficient. Very impressive!

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