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The Future Of Electricity
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Electricity: Its Future

When we talk about the future of electricity, a lot of ideas and problems are discussed. In this article lets look at some of the things we talk about.

Will electricity become wireless?

It would be nice if we could boild a wireless house. If we could operate all our appliances without physically wiring them to an electricial panel. Well it may not be that far fetched. We can turn on appliances remotely when they are plat you will be able to magnetic fields. Also your cell phones and cameras can be charged this way.

Other small electric appliances can be run on short distance wireless power called resonance and wireless power connections.

Experts believe that you will be able to control all your electrical needs by wireless and remote control . It is not known when or how long it will take to pu this type of power in operation but they are sure it will happen eventually.

As we look at wireless power transmission in the future large solar stations will be built in space producing clean sorar power. This power will be transmitted to earth wirelessly. Just how convienent this would be.

Future electricity willbe clean.Today our electricity production emit large amounts of polluting materials such as carbon dioxide into the environment, The production of electricity in the future will be clean energy. Because everone is so concerned about the environment all energy in the future will be produced with renewable energy resources. Producing energy with polluting energy fossil fuels will be extinct in the future.

Today we have all sorts of electric gagets cars, shavers, tooth brusher and many more appliances in the future almost anything you want will be electric.

In the future there will be no power interruptions or outages. With more and more dependency on power we will need power with no outages.

Aa of today it is not in the stages where large amounts of power can be transmitted but experiments have been successful. Chargung toothbrushes and charging cameras and cell phones on a charging pad show that it can be done for small amounts of power so it is only a matter of time.

Think about this clean remote solar power generators and wireless power transmission. It was only a few short years ago that todays computers with its compact components was unthinkable.

Futhermore to think of people living in space like the space station so anything is possible.

In the mean time maybe we can make our small contribution by makeing power at home with solar panels and windmills energy to eliminate your power bill.

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