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Tips On Saving Energy In The Home - Heating
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Tips on Saving Energy In the Home  -  Heating

What's wrong with writing an article on energy saving tips? For anyone living in my part of the country, this is a depressing theme for this time of year. It means winter and cold weather are coming. Except for those weird people who enjoy winter sports, the rest of us would prefer not to think about cold weather.

Here is a list of places where most energy is used in the home and the percentage used:

Heating - 45%

Cooling - 9%

Electronics (Computers) - 6%

Lighting - 6%

Cooking - 4%

Refrigeration - 4%

Wet Cleaning - 3%

Hot Water Heating -18%

Other - 5%

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the place to start saving energy would be in heating. Assuming you are not ready or able to afford a new furnace and air conditioning unit,or replace your old windows with energy efficient ones, there are other things you can do to lower your heating bill and keep your home warm in the winter for little or no cost.

The first idea that comes to mind is to lower your thermostat. Again, this does not take a genius to figure out that lowering the thermostat will cause less heat to be used. What it does take is a willingness to throw on a sweater of cover yourself with a comforter on those cold nights.

The initial place to look for using less heat is to find heat loss.Check around windows, doors and anywhere that heat can escape. Use a smoking device next to these vulnerable areas. If the smoke travels horizontally toward the door or window, you are losing heat. Caulk or use weatherstripping in these area.

Another area where heat can escape is the kitchen exhaust fan. I noticed this in my own home a few winters back. I was standing near the stove and felt cold air blowing on me. Since then, in the winter I seal off the the fan exhaust route in the kitchen and both bathrooms.

If you have a fireplace, check to make sure you close the damper after each fire. Don't worry that you might forget to reopen it for the next fire, your nose and lungs will warn you.

Put sealing gaskets on the bottoms of doors. Check any areas where pipes go through walls and make sure they are sealed.

Keep curtains and drapes wide open on sunny days. On cold winter nights, tightly close the curtains and drapes. This idea won't cost you a cent.

Call your heating contractor to make certain that the furnace is in top operating condition for the season. Also, don't forget to change or clean the furnace filter.

Basically, this all seems like common sense, but sometimes we just do not think of these ideas.

Keep warm!

Street Talk

Keep warm and save. Sounds good to me Jack.

  about 9 years ago

Some great points Jack

  about 1 decade ago

Good points!

  about 1 decade ago
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