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Ways Of Saving Energy At Home – The Benefits Of Using Photovoltaic Solar Panel
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There are so many environmental problems that befall the planet. And one of the biggest causes of those is the impact of the use of fossil energy. Fossil energy in the form of petroleum, coal, and natural gas is the sort of energy that will definitely run out and cannot be renewed. But there are a lot of things we can do to improve the situation, starting for the easiest such as to do ways of saving energy at home and then to a more demanding effort that is using alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuels. As we have already known that sunlight, wind and water are natural resources that will never run out and so-called renewable energy. There have been devices designed to generate electrical energy through a process of conversion of sunlight or wind energy into electric energy.

Nowadays, a small power generating equipment using solar panels has begun popularly used in both commercial and residential buildings. Nevertheless, solar panel power system absolutely cannot replace the role of power plants using fossil fuels. This is because the efficiency of solar panels themself is still so far below than the value expected. Consequently, building a solar energy power generation for large capacity will still be very costly. In addition, a vast land is required to place a lot of solar panels generating electric energy which is proportional to the total area of solar panels itself.

Solar panels equipment has a major part of semiconductor material when exposed to the sunlight that is an electromagnetic wave, will generate an electric current. The more light received the greater the amount of electric current generated. This semiconductor material is called photovoltaic (PV). The ability to generate an electric current is different for every type of PV material. Therefore, the experts in this field continue to research and engineering to enhance this PV materials performance. Primarily efforts to improve the efficiency of solar panels, which is the ratio of the amount of the incoming sunlight energy into electrical energy generated.

There are mainly three types of PV cells materials which in commercial production, namely monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells and thin-film cells. Monocrystalline or single crystal solar cells are made of high quality silicon and generally the most efficient to convert solar energy into electricity. Polycrystalline cells are made of multi-crystalline low quality silicon which has a lower efficiency, but its production cost is cheaper. Thin-film solar cells are manufactured in a way that is very different from the two technologies above. It made of the extremely thin layers of semiconductor material which deposited on the substrate surface made of glass or metal. Thin-film solar cells has efficiency relatively lower than monocrystalline and polycrystalline materials but with cost of production that's much cheaper than the two other and has been widely used for most of solar cells products.

Photovoltaic solar panels system has the main parts consist of photovoltaic array panels, charge controller, batterys and inverter. The controller controls the amount of electric current entering the battery. The inverter serves to convert direct current (DC) supplied by the battery into alternating current (AC) as a ready-to-use power source.

Nowadays, people are trying to build solar panel system to meet some even the entire electrical energy needs at home as one of ways of saving energy at home. In addition, with technological advances in the manufacture of solar panels power system, assembling and installing this device on the roof of the house including electrical work, is something possible to do yourself and of course with a more affordable cost. By doing this, you're trying an effort to cut electricity bills so saving money as well as reduce consumption of fossil energy. And no less important is also inhibited the rate of environmental degradation.

Indeed, all people yearn to live comfortably on the surface of the earth with the environment as in the past. And if you've started to know what it is solar panel power system, how it works, the benefits obtained from it, ease of installation and the last but most important is a more affordable price, would you be interested to try it out?.

Click this Home Energy Savings Information site and put any comments on the ways of saving energy at home.

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