4rsgold Runescape Win A Seat At Our Documentary Premiere
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4rsgold Runescape Win A Seat at Our Documentary Premiere

In case you’ve been living in Melzar’s Maze for the past week, you’ll know that RuneScape has turned 15.

So, as well as the awesome in-game content and the reopening of RuneScape Classic next week, we’ll be producing a feature-length RuneScape Documentary called "RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure" and, rather excitingly, hosting the worldwide premiere in London, on Thursday, February 11th.

It’s set to be a night to remember – think a RuneScape-themed red carpet event featuring all your favourite players, JMods, and a few incredible surprises that we’ll be keeping up our sleeves until the day.

And the most exciting part? You can be there by entering one – or all – of our three competitions.

Read on to find out how!

COMPETITION #1 | ‘What RuneScape Means to Me’ Video Competition

RuneScape means something different to everyone. To some, it’s all about friendship and community; to others, it’s a lore-filled epic, 15 years in the making.

Upload a 30-second video to YouTube to tell us what RuneScape means to you, and you could win entry to the premiere of the documentary! Simply send the link to your video to competitions 4rsgold.

Our 10 favourites will receive 2 tickets each, with one lucky winner also getting a night in a top London hotel for themselves and a friend! We’ll show as many entries as we can during the documentary.

Please read the FAQs and Terms and Conditions before entering.

COMPETITION #2 | Design a Poster for the Premiere!

Every good film premiere needs a kick-ass poster to accompany it. So we want you to produce an amazing film flyer that symbolises 15 years of RuneScape history.

Be creative and think outside the box. Think about what encapsulates the essence of RuneScape for you. Each of our top 10 will receive 2 tickets to the premiere, and our winner will get a night in a top London hotel for themselves and a friend! One lucky finalist will also have the opportunity to create the official documentary artwork.

Please read the entry information and Terms and Conditions before entering.

COMPETITION #3 | Enter our Forum Sweepstake!! Finally, you can enter our forum sweepstake to gain entry. Head over to this forum thread, add your name to the list, and voila! You could be joining us on the 11th!

Again, one of the 10 winners will also enjoy a night in a top London hotel for themselves and a friend.

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