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How Can I Get A Ring From Him?
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Ugh, frustration and anxious, are you feeling what I’m feeling? Well, at least that’s how I was feeling before I got engaged. Having a ring on that left index finger is one of the best and rare feelings any woman can experience, besides seeing and holding her new born baby for the very first time. However, just like holding a new born baby, there is a way to do it, right. Well, there is a way you go about getting a ring from him. And I will tell you how.

Marriage is not an easy thing to grasp. A man has to have a clear thought and be confident enough to risk being shut down, and ask you to marry him.

Man, I can remember like yesterday when my fiancé proposed to me on Christmas of 2011 at him mother’s house. I can still picture his face expression when he got on his knees and asked those 4 letter words. His anticipation and expectation was on a verge of a cliff. I felt his heart beating fast and his eyes glazed into my eyes as he patiently waited for an answer. I was shocked! Oh man, I’m glad I’m not a man, because it’s got to be tough to ask a woman to marry her. I truly believe it’s a tough situation for anybody, it’s not something can be rushed into.

I don’t suggest you rush him into marrying you, because it may not turn out the way you expect it to be. This is especially for women that want to get marry, but he doesn’t. What I do think is best for any woman is to give him something to think about when thinking of another reason of not putting a ring on your finger.

I’m sure you’ve been on a date at least once and you wanted to kiss him, and it seem like every time you thought ya’ll were going to touch lips, he reacted in a totally different way from what you expected, so you backed off. For some reason, men don’t see the obvious, it’s like we literally have to give it to them so they’ll understand and know.

This is the same situation, if you want a ring from him, you must let him know that you’re ready for a ring. I’m not saying you should pressure him, but give him tiny hints that will open his eyes, because you know if he’s totally in love with you. If he’s totally in love with you and he feels that you’re totally in love with him, he will take that risk of getting shut down, just because he feels that you’re the one and no one else can take your place in his life.

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It is a great feeling having that token of affection and willingness to commitment there as a reminder. Good article.

  about 1 decade ago

thank you!

  about 1 decade ago
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