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Irish Engagement Rings And The Romance Of The Infinity Engagement Ring
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Irish Engagement Rings And The Romance Of The Infinity Engagement Ring

Irish Engagement Rings: Claddagh, Celtic or Emerald?

Irish engagement rings are not necessarily worn by Irish persons; they can be worn by anybody. Many couples that are not Irish wear a claddagh engagement ring; Celtic engagement rings or Emerald engagement rings because they have a unique beauty.

Celtic Engagement Rings

They are known to be popular due to their rich emotions that are packed into one single ring. Designers make this ring based on a love that is said to be eternal. If you happen to be Irish then you know the myth of the Celtic, its beauty is indescribable. They have a unique design, usually made up of ribbons that are intertwined or lines that stand for the lives that are interconnected and eternity character of love that brings together the couples in marriage as well as a life that they are going to share.

Claddagh Engagement Ring

They are the most known among Celtic engagement rings design due to their purity and originality.

They have a history dated back 300 years ago, it is believed that they were made then in a small village called claddagh. The Claddagh has a different style; it has two hands that hold a crowned heart. They say that the crown is a symbol for fidelity and loyalty. Friendship is symbolized by the hands love represented by the love. This is very important qualities in any marriage.

The Irish traditions say that the Claddagh must be worn backwards by women if they are yet to be married. The symbol is later inverted when the woman is engaged.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald rings are related to Ireland because of their color that is a brilliant green. It has less symbolism compared to Celtic engagement rings and the Claddagh engagement ring but has an important feature of maintaining the link to the culture of the Irish people.

Some people may consider combining Emerald with the Celtic and Claddagh engagement ring design in order to make true and unmistakable Irish engagement rings.

Infinity Engagement Ring

The Meaning Behind The Infinity Engagement Ring

Engagement is a big leap towards the next phase of your relationship. What it means is that a bigger commitment is made and it is usually represented by an engagement ring. The first step towards eternity can be symbolized by offering an infinity engagement ring. The symbol of the infinite represents a quality or characteristic of being, the never ending possibilities your relationship possesses and. The symbol is a good omen in the pursuit of being together with your loved one until the ends of time. The eternal is a spiritual characteristic and with the help of this ring it is coupled with the most valuable materials on earth, precious stones.

Many people choose Verragio engagement rings or Jareds engagement rings. Although everybody has different tastes, one thing never changes, and that is the promise of an everlasting relationship. Usually an infinity engagement ring is especially aesthetically beautiful because of the unique halo the twisted shank design provides. It is usually accented with diamonds and other precious stones and the creativity put into this important symbol seems never ending. It is very important to notice that the promise of a lifelong and fulfilling relationship is sealed with this proof of love and devotion.

It is also important to notice that a lifelong, happy, and rewarding relationship is the goal of most human beings and this design comprises everything positive about love and marriage. As you may already know women can’t wait to show their engagement ring to their friends and acquaintances and when this ring is out of the ordinary such as the infinity engagement ring it becomes a great conversation starter for the values that matter the most when it comes to love and which this ring represents. It is common practice that you can choose the stone material and color along with its shape and weight. It is no doubt that forever is a suitable word for an engagement and an infinity engagement ring states and reinforces just that.

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