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5 Tips On How To Attract Your Boyfriend And Make Him Want You More
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5 Tips on How to Attract Your Boyfriend And Make Him Want You More

Wondering how to attract your boyfriend and make him love you more? Do you feel like he’s slipping away from your fingers and not paying you enough attention? Do you want to reignite those feelings the two of you once had at the start of your relationship?

If that’s the case then here are a couple of things to remember when it comes to “how to attract your boyfriend.”

1. Be visual

One of the things that attract men is physical beauty. Although it doesn’t really determine the course of your relationship, it does help if you don’t suddenly become a slob and stop caring how you look. Yes, you want him to love you for who you are and not how you look. But you also want him to feel like he’s with the most attractive girl around.

2. Find the balance

Men often complain about being suffocated or bored in a relationship which is why finding the balance is essential. There should be spontaneity so that things wouldn’t feel like it’s a routine. There should be a deep and profound love but at the same time, you need to throw in a little lust to spice things up. Communication is essential but you need to know when to speak and when to listen.

3. Chill with the boys

His friends are important to him and if you want to attract your boyfriend then you have to get along with his buddies. He would really like it if his girl can chill with the guys. Loosen up and joke around with him. If they like you then they would give him his approval. He’s going to feel proud knowing that you can hang with his friends and have fun. Just remember not to flirt with his friends or smother him in front of them.

4. Just chill

Sometimes we can’t help but become clingy when someone is pulling away from us. But doing so would only make them more determined to pull away. If your man is distancing himself don’t panic and think the end is near. Maybe he really does just need some space and you need to chill and back off a little. Give him the space he needs and don’t suffocate him otherwise he’s going to be more determined to get away from you.

5. Surprise him with affections

Maybe it’s not your style to show him lots of affection or give him compliments. So surprise him one day and give him a kiss or a hug and whisper “I love you” to him. Give him compliments and just show him lots of affection. That would surprise him and make him smile. After all, it’s not everyday he gets special treatment from his girl. He might feel warm and feel good about being looked after.

Learning how to attract your boyfriend to make him want you more doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need timing and understand his moods. You need to know when to back off and when to approach.

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