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Ancient Knowledge For Successful Partnership
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Ancient Knowledge for Successful Partnership

The partnership is crucial to most human beings as we're social beings and mostly we're not able to live alone. We bring in partners from early childhood. Partners at play, partners at game. Partners at sports, married people in business. For most people the most significant partner is personal, intimate life partner with whom one can be married and sometimes not.

Western psychology is determining partnership compatibility with different tests, based mostly on knowledge developed by individual researchers which documented their findings on some quorum of people and described through science methods. Here we can include tests of Carl Yung and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI. Many of test collect information on hobbies and on knowledge which people get through activities based on interest which they show, get or develop through childhood and education process. They also collect feelings we have toward a different kind of situations, persons or objects. Test are mostly quite extensive and they log personal feeling about a question or a theme in life.

Some of modern examination methods are likewise founded on ancient knowledge. Examples are Enneagram tests, which are quite short and childlike. More interesting is, that with Nine Star KI method, we do not need any tests. The birth date of a person is enough to find a type which is mostly compatible with the results of Enneagram tests and test by Carl Yung and even MBTI tests.

Nine Star KI is ancient astrology. It can be even first known astrology as there some artifacts about it exists from time 8500 BC. Of course at that time this astrology had a different name and was practiced in geographical locations where now is China. Nine Star KI is a crucial part and a predecessor of Feng Shui.

As an astrologer of ancient astrology Nine Star KI, I have studied partnership compatibility for many years, started at 1990. Even when I have learned many ancient formulas, I have found the principles and rules which lead to ancient formulas for successful partnerships. I found very interesting, that Nine Star KI as a typology is practically identical in definition of types with the Enneagram. There is one significant difference. Eneagram has no knowledge how to find a type of a person by birth date which is the method at Nine Star KI.

With Nine Star KI system I can determine most compatible partners for marriage, for business, for sports where basic data are only birth date. The partners found with this system are compatible and attract each other mostly at the first sight when they met.

Of course love is not included in this compatibility. Love is special category which I do not involve in partnership determination.

Vojko J Kalan

Astrologer and Life Coach

9KI Coaching

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