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Don't Sabotage Your Relationship Happiness: Avoid This Commonly Overlooked Danger Of The Law Of Attraction
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You have the power to attract the great relationships that you desire.

You can attract a great life-mate, a great professional work team, a great friendship, a great strategic alliance to help your business.

There are several principles that offer relationship help at work in the power of attraction, also called the Law of Attraction.

One of these is that you attract the kinds of people that you think about.

This has to do with the creative power of thought.

Attraction experts who teach practical applications of this law commonly overlook a very important factor, one that may sabotage your relationship if you are not mindful of it.

Most teachers of this law offer the following relationship advice: to attract your ideal partner imagine yourself in a great relationship with such a perfect person for you.

That piece of creative relationship counseling represents a fine piece of expert advice. But what it leaves out almost negatives its total benefit.

You see, there is a “dark” side to power of attraction. It has more to do with the power of negative thinking than with the power of positive thinking.

You also manifest relationships with the kinds of people that you think about when you feel dislike, when you feel resentful and when you feel insecure.

When you think of people mistreating you, taking advantage of you, discounting your worth or significance, that way of thinking draws to you people who match that description and who will deliver a difficult relationship.

Ever relationship is at times a challenging relationship. For a happier relationship, it is not enough to use your power of visualization to imagine yourself in a wonderful relationship.

At least as important, avoid thinking about difficult people and relationship problems that you do not want more of.

Let’s say that you are a professional team leader having an interpersonal conflict with a team member.

The more you think and speak about what you dislike about that team member, the more you activate your power to attract more conduct of a similarly disturbing nature into your life. Instead of team building, you are then team dismantling!

There is a connection between thinking and emotion that needs to be understood here to resolve relationship issues.

Your emotional state determines the line of thinking that occurs to you. So if you feel insecure, your thinking tends to express your insecurity.

Let’s see how this might apply to dating advice for shy guys.

Shyness expresses insecurity, more specifically, a fear of humiliation.

If you are feeling unsure of yourself or feeling inadequate while thinking about a date with a beautiful woman, all you can imagine is an embarrassing scene that includes disappointment.

The attraction law of life then goes to work on manifesting that unhappy relationship experience for you.

Expecting outcomes – whatever outcomes you expect - directs your subconscious to attract similar conditions, or to manifest similar outcomes, in your life.

When you feel the sense of being left out, which includes feeling deprived, you are thinking of scenes that trigger those negative feelings.

And this turns on your power to attract more of those painful relationship experiences into your life.

While feeling angry with your mate, you must be thinking of your mate doing something that causes you to feel angry.

Unconsciously, this way of thinking gives your energy to the creation of more of those unhappy marriage scenes in your life.

Pay attention to your thinking AND to your emotional state in the present moment, to avoid misusing the attraction power of your mind.

Thinking of someone annoying you, thinking of a relationship conflict, thinking of your mate turning you off instead of turning you on, represents a misuse of your mental power to attract.

Create great relationships by thinking of the kinds of relationship you want to be in.

Doing BOTH is how to fully harness your power to attract great relationships

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