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How Do I Make Him Love Me Like He Used To?
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How Do I Make Him Love Me Like He Used To?

“How do I make him love me like he used to?” Do you feel like you and your boyfriend are drifting apart and you want to reignite the passion between you two. It happens all the time with relationships. In the beginning it’s cloud nine, can’t eat-can’t sleep, tattoo on the arm. Then the relationship becomes a routine and you feel like the passion is slowly going away.

If you want to know “how do I make him love me like he used to,” here are some hints to keep in mind.

Stop suffocating him

You want to know if his feelings have changed or if he still loves you but you’re not going to get anything from him if you keep suffocating him. Asking him all these questions, especially at the wrong place and wrong time, will make him feel like he’s backed into a corner.

You’re only going to push him away if you clobber him with questions so you’re going to have to give him space. Wait for the right time to talk to him and don’t just blurt it out of the blue. Take some time to really talk about things.

Maybe you changed too

If you feel that he’s changed and he doesn’t treat you like he used to, don’t start blaming him. You need to look at yourself and think that maybe you’ve changed as well.

He may have treated you like a queen during the honeymoon period because you treated him like a king. But after a while, maybe both of you started taking each for granted. Maybe things have changed between the two of you because you’ve both changed.

Something new and different

Break the routine of waking up, going to work, going home, and going to bed because that doesn’t leave space for excitement. Sometimes, guys go out with other girls because they want to experience something new and fresh. Something different and exciting rather than the routine they’re waking up to everyday.

What you can do is change your routine by making other plans. You can have a date night or travel together to get away from it all. After all, you’re not married yet and you don’t have kids yet. Make the most of what you have right now and enjoy your relationship.

Stop clinging to him

You’re worried that you might lose him so you cling to him and act like you’re lost without him. News flash girl, you’re going to lose him faster if you act like that! Being desperate and needy will only make him more determined to get away from you.

When it comes to “how do I make him love me like he used to,” remember that no man wants to be with a drama queen or with a woman who doesn’t have her own life and depends her happiness on him. Even though you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to spend every minute with each other. You both need your space and guys don’t like it when they can’t even do the things they like to do without you hovering or nagging them.

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