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How To Get A Guy To Text You
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How to Get A Guy to Text You

Texting can prove useful in knowing someone, sending messages quickly, and sharing information. Apart from that, it can also show the feelings of one person to another. If you meet a guy that you like, there are many ways of making him to text you. Don't just sit there; clutching your phone and waiting for that tone to show you've a new text, which is not forthcoming. If you are in such a situation, here are some tips on how to get a guy to text you.

>>>> Play hard to get…Although this is a bit difficult, it can work wonders. When the guy texts you, don't respond immediately. Wait for a couple of hours and then write him a text back.

>>>> Don't bombard him with messages…If your guy texts you, answer it with one message and take it slow. Firing off three or more messages to him consecutively is a not a perfect idea. If you want a way of how to get a guy to text you, avoid such habits.

>>>> Show him you have other interests…When you text him, make sure you talk about other things in your life. Don't let him know that you think about him all the time. Let him know that you have other interests besides him.

>>>> Know his interests…Your conversation will be more exciting if you understand a few of his interests. Does he like soccer? Try grasping a couple of things about soccer so that you may have an interesting chat with him anytime he mentions it.

>>>> Avoid making false promises…Promising to do certain things or activities together that you don't mean would make you unreliable. Even if you have a good reason for doing this, avoid such habits because it would ultimately give the wrong impression.

>>>> Don't send photos you may regret later…As much as you want him to text you, don't send him photos that you wouldn't prefer sharing with many people because he would certainly share it with his friends

>>>> Seek his advice/opinion…Guys like to solve problems. If you are in a difficult situation that will be solved through advice, ask for his assistance. He will certainly offer useful solutions. This will also soothe his male ego.

>>>> Don't appear desperate…If he has not texted you for some time, don't ask him a lot of questions like "why didn't you call me?", "where were you?" and so on. Remember, you want to show him that you have other interests besides him. One way of how to get a guy to text you is by avoiding nagging.

>>>>Make other plans…If your guy hasn't texted you for quite some time, don't just sit around waiting for his text. Move on with your life and concentrate on other things. If he eventually texts and asks you for a date, he would notice that you aren't the kind of person to just sit around, waiting on him.

>>>> Realize your value…You are too worthy to just stop everything in your life, waiting for a guy who doesn't respond with similar attention that you offer him. Move on with your life and find a guy who would treat you with respect. If you are looking for a perfect way on how to get a guy to text you, then you can adopt this approach as he will feel jealous.

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