How To Mend A Broken Heart ! Top 5 Ingrediants You Need
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How to Mend A Broken Heart ! Top 5 Ingrediants You Need

The TOP ingredient you NEED to have a Wonderful Relationships ~

I am fully aware that we all have many kinds of relationships. From the causal work place, to our neighbors who we wave good morning to and yet known nothing about them. We form close bonds with those people whom we do business with or have a close partnership with. We can have relationships with our: clients, customers, patients, students, teachers, and team mates. There are our special connections with our family and friends, and even within those we have a hierarchy of relationships. We can have separate emotional, spiritual, and or physical relationship we different people. There may be more and we can talk about those at a later time, in this article I want to focus on that ONE deep interpersonal , intimate relationship we have with that ONE person where we have all our needs , wants and desire met. This is the Wonderful Relationship I want to talk about. This is how we can mend that broken heart before it breaks in the first place.

The TOP ingredient you NEED to have in order to have a Wonderful Relationships is: that you already have to have a healthy wonderful relationship and connection with thy SELF.

Let’s, face it if you do not Love yourself how can YOU expect others to love you? How can I expect YOU to love me if YOU don’t even love yourself ?

This is the number one reason why most relationships fail and don’t work out over time. My personal experience in relationships has taught me that we NEED to have the following core values within the self, in order to have a wonderful relationship with the other person, they include : Love, honor, respect, happiness, joy, trust, intimacy , self-worth, value and appreciation.

Think about it. How can I expect YOU to make me happy, respect me, trust me , just to name a few ~ IF you do NOT know what makes YOU happy, or if you don’t have self-respect or if you do not Trust yourself? How can you give this to others. Make sense?.... Pretty simple right?

It’s much easier to think about this now when we are away from that relationship “stuff” and it makes no sense when you THINK about it, but that’s NOT what we do when we meet someone. WE are NOT thinking about it with our brilliant brain’s , we just see that person from across the room , flash those pearly whites, bat those eyes and swing those hips, toss that hair, and POW OMG!!! I am in love, we fall, we leap, we run , we LOVE them , they are our everything!! I love the way they : look, smell, taste and feel, why they even finish my sentences for me … AND we just plow in ,eyes closed, head down and go in BLIND.

After the chemical cocktail Love RUSH wears off, one day you open your eyes and what do you see, feel, touch, taste and smell ? YIKES !!! WHO is this other person lying beside me ? OMG, I have been with them for the past _____ years and I don’t even know them! WHO are they? Where did they come from ? Where did the Love go? They are so unhappy, the trust is gone, the intimacy is nowhere to be found, love making is now sex, you don’t feel respected it, honored, valued, appreciated and WHY? I will tell you WHY, because NONE of those core values where present to begin with. Aha…. Don’t believe me ?

Just search for the opposite of this article title in the search bar and ASK “what are the TOP 5 reasons most relationship fail” and you see what you find:

“He cheated on me, she betrayed me, he lied, he hit me, he abuses me, she put me down emasculated me, he broke my heart, she is so unhappy, he has no confidence, she feels unworthy, we don’t make love enough, I don’t feel special anymore, I don’t deserve anything good , I always sabotage the relationship, I run when they get too close, I am always wrong, she told me I would leave her, we can’t talk anymore, we don’t have the same interests, I grew one way and she went the other way, no matter what I did it was NEVER good enough , never good enough, never good enough, never good enough……DO YOU HEAR ME NOW?

WOW that was painful to hear wasn’t it?...... So forget all this “HOW TO stuff” about Love and Romance, how to snag your true soul mate, what woman want most , how to please your man, how to know if he or she is your Twin Flame ~ Blah blah blahh…..most it’s all a bunch of crapOla anyway. Here is what you NEED to know to have a wonderful relationship.

  • BE the person you want to come into your life
  • LIVE ~ Smell, taste, feel, look, dress, walk, talk, read, write, listen to, watch ~ DO all those things YOU LOVE MOST, that resonates with your inner happiness and joy. Do that!!! And you WILL attract your other feather into your path. It’s the Law of Vibration. The Universe aligns puts the right people, at the right time , in the right places , with the right things, and events at your foot step ~ EVERY TIME.
  • Treat yourself and others the way you want to be treated
  • Love, honor, respect, trust yourself. Trust and listen to that inner voice, it knows what’s BEST for you. You need to get quiet to hear IT. Follow your heart as it is your best compass.
  • Believe in YOU. Follow the desire you feel in your heart, your reason, your purpose as to WHY you are here on earth. Follow your dreams. And if you’re going to dream, you may as well dream outrageous dreams, let your imagination which is a wonderful gift we all have, GO and BE all it was meant to be.

If you live your life in the flow of what you love most, and follow your happiness FIRST you will come to know , be aware of and thus recognize the same core values in him or her when the walk into your life. Not just because of the way we are attracted to them by way of our human senses of see, touch taste and smell but rather because of the way we FEEL them deep within our soul because we are attracted to them on an intellectual, sensual, spiritual level which resonates with your core values and beliefs. This is that slow pulling you feel that is bringing you each closer to one another till you met on your path. When they walk into your life and you theirs, you both will realize why all the others relationships you had, didn’t last. You just met your soul’s refection of self.

We feel our best and see the best in others and they in us and in a very real way they are the souls reflection and this is LOVE in its highest purest light and frequency of our relationships . It's the harmony we feel and hear in each others song ~ if you've ever fallen in love you have experienced IT ~ It’s when the EGO mind dime and filters our souls view that the colors are less vibrant, the music muddled, pitchy, soured. Where then all you have left is individual notes , which may be unique as they stand alone but they no longer blend into a beautiful color and sound of Harmony, that which I call our Loves Refection ~ Paul Agliata

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