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Make Better Relationship Choices: Connect With Your Inner Relationship Guidance
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There are definite laws that determine the fate of a relationship. To help yourself to manifest the kinds of relationships that you want, there may be no more important effort that you can make than to learn about these Relationship Success Laws and how to work with them.

As you gain a clear grasp of these laws and practice working with them, you will become your own “relationship expert”.

The first law is the law of intuition, or the law of inner guidance. According to this law you have an ideal relationship counselor living within you, whose guidance you can count on.

To “fix” a relationship problem, many people resort to emotional intensity. You too may react emotionally when you do not get your way with another.

To access your inner source of relationship guidance, you need to count on a calm, confident, relaxed state.

In the state of calm you can connect with what we can call, “the love advice” you need to solve your relationship problems and advance toward a better relationship.

Your inner source of “relationship coaching” is the intuitive feeling that lights your way to a happier relationship.

You have the capacity to sense, on a feeling level, your path in the present moment toward a better marriage, a better friendship, a better business relationship.

To access this dependable guide for relationship building, develop the strength of your composure by practicing remaining calm, emotionally balanced and non-reactive.

Maintaining your calm, emotional equanimity is essential, but it is not the only essential for working with the relationship law of intuition.

Just as crucial for keeping love alive, resolving conflict, constructively avoiding conflict and successfully team building with others is the practice of being alertly aware of what is happening in the present moment.

Awareness in the present alerts you when you are heading into deeper relationship problems. It reveals opportunities for creating a healthy relationship, and even for saving a marriage on the rocks.

Paying attention to the present requires that your mind remains clear of memories of the past or expectations of the future. You are fully present, attentive, alert in the now.

Just calming down, or remaining calm and focusing attention on the present can in and of itself function as a kind of couples therapy. Why? Because a calm state of alert awareness in the now is healing.

It accomplishes more than supporting the emotional health and healing for the calm, aware individual.

Because our inner state radiates and influences those with whom we are interacting, your balanced, harmonious, aware state helps the other person to feel balanced and to be more aware in the relationship. This serves as an essential foundation for both of you making better relationship choices.

Some of the benefits of a calm, conscious approach to relating very likely include: less blaming, letting go of grudges, renewing trust, enhancing intimacy, improving communication, etc.

In the calm, aware state we can make better relationship choices, follow a higher level of relationship wisdom, for happier relationship outcomes.

To keep a relationship on track, or to get a relationship back on track, stop worrying about your relationship future and let go of your painful relationship experiences of the past.

Focus on your present moment experience from a calm inner state. This permits your inner source of intuitive wisdom for relationship help to lead you.

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