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Our Roots Take A Deeper Turn In The Ability To Love
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Did you know that your behavior in relationships is determined by your experience with your mother during the first 12 to 18 months? This takes affect 20 years later. I was shocked to when I learnt about this, because truthfully, all of my relationships have been in good condition. I wouldn’t consider myself the drama type. I’ve always been strong on what I say and mean, and I love to be taken care of and I love to take care as well. Loyalty and trust is very important to me, because I’m loyal and trust worthy, and my mother and father have always been that way to me.

Eye of Attraction and Ability to Trust

I can see why this statement is true; because these are the same qualities I look for in a man, and always have. I think that relationships are based on what you’ve been through as a child. I know too many females that don't trust a man, but thrive to be in a relationship. We know that without trust and admire, there is no relationship.

Let’s say you are a female (and you might me), and if your father wasn’t around, you might be the type that look for that father figure in guys and not able to stand up to him when you really want to say no, or know when to breakup when another woman calls his phone in the middle of the night, or don’t know what to do when he turns his phone off every night and has a problem with you touching it. All of these things are real life scenarios of unhealthy relationship behavior, because that person doesn't know when to love or know what real love is.

Many of us can adapt to a new environment quite quickly. Even when you have change a bad attitude, sometimes that bad attitude comes back as a past experience to a current situation, and eventually that past experience create the same outcome from before.

Don’t you hate that?

Good news is that once you evaluate and realize the trend of a certain behavior which is not good for you, you can change it. Sad thing though is that some just don’t know how to change it. It’s like a family curse, whereas in some cases, no women in a particular family ever get married, but women of another family are lucky to get married.

Last Thoughts on the Subject

When you’ve been through tons of rough relationships, evaluate yourself and see whether or not you’re bringing it to yourself. It could be the types of things that interest you in a partner; it could be how you react in certain situations, or even how you carry yourself. Whatever the case may be, you have the opportunity and choice to fix it.

What are your thoughts on this?

Street Talk

I had a rough time dealing with my divorce, and I had some very bad relationships. I noticed a pattern of abuse in some relationships and I got help from a battered women's group. That helped me to understand why I had those problems. I had low self esteem.

  about 1 decade ago

yea, low self esteem will def do it to ya. I'm glad you got over it

  about 1 decade ago
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