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Patience, Tolerance And Understanding; Re - Capturing An Ancient Credo
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Patience, Tolerance And Understanding; Re - capturing An Ancient Credo

The self, or ego, is basically that which defines us as being different from one another. In other words it senses that ‘I am not you; you are not me; we are not each other.”

In sensing our differences our ego can lead us to build bridges, to ensure that we remain in touch with one another, or to raise draw-bridges to keep us apart from one another. I guess it could be said that our ego is the engine of social or anti-social behaviour.

In truth there is nothing we can do about this ego. It exists and we must learn to live with it privately and publicly. This is why it is important to note that that as well as recognising ego in ourselves and others; it is important that we recognise another ego; one that encompasses both our private and public egos; resulting in them having a place to interact and communicate, especially when the urge to close communication-bridges or raise draw-bridges arises.

It might be that thinking of this ego as a kind of ‘intra-ego’ might help us to understand what the nature of this additional ego might be like. It could be defined as us. This intra-ego is therefore a communal ego. We might call it the Social-Circle or resort back to an older definition; The Public Square.

This meeting area would of course require us to discern what private interests are and what public interests are. Naturally this would involve us; me and you, evaluating our interests and working together to agree upon public interests. If we were to agree that public is prior, but not replacing of private in the interest stakes, we can think of this as a Public-Private set up rather than a Private-Public set up. It seems to me that a separated Public sector and Private Sector is merely a situation in which a gulf replaces a crossing.

Of course this does require the phenomenon of sharing and caring to be adopted as opposed to stashing and thrashing, so there would have to be a commitment to thinking in terms of us rather than them and us; we instead of me as it has been said.

It would also require the willingness for private endeavour to become subordinate to public service; which is difficult for some to do, especially where personal harm and fear of others has been experienced. This requires that patience, tolerance and understanding be practised in whatever Social Structure we conceive and build.

Then too, there will be those issues of past crimes and misdemeanour's against others, which will require noting and attending to; a kind of Truth and Reconciliation process if you like. Again, where personal harm and fear of others has been experienced; patience, tolerance and understanding will be of the utmost importance, and it might be that a few brave souls will need to take the lead.

The danger is, that if established, such a social structure could be predisposed to corruption because of the sharing and caring attitude of some being abused by others. This means that both the individual and the structure will require to engage in what amounts to perpetual vigilance for anti-social behaviour; without anti-social behaviour being adopted.

It will require recognition of, and honest commitment to, preserving the integrity of both the structure and the individual within the structure; for essentially the structure is merely the sum total of all individuals creating something grander than anyone of them can ever be by themselves.

This will in turn require the practice of ensuring that the above mentioned Intra-Ego or Communal Ego or is given priority over the Private self; and for that - the individual will have to take responsibility. Only I can truly prioritise us over me.

So what does all this boil down to? If we could capture the above in a kind of credo, what would it look like? I suggest it would look something like this:

We believe that we thrive better as a structure of individuals rather than as individual structures. We believe caring and sharing is better than stashing and thrashing, and that patience, tolerance and understanding is required towards those who have harmed and been harmed. We believe that the prioritising of public interest before, but not to the detriment of, private interest is prudent. In essence we believe we can do what neither you nor I can do alone; Prevail!

Now this is hardly original. It is a variation of an ancient creed. So why are we in a world of closed bridges and raised draw-bridges, which is at the same time conflicting with social integration mediums like Street Articles?

Perhaps it is all because of what has already been implied above; namely that the practice of patience, tolerance and understanding for those who harm and have been harmed requires to be more widespread in our current Social Structure. Perhaps, that impatience, intolerance and misunderstanding are slowly de-structuralising our capacity to prevail.

Here’s hoping that that Intra-Ego idea re-captures our imagination. Then we can re-capture the ancient credo that we can do what neither you nor I can do alone; Prevail! For a while anyway!

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