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Playing Hard To Get With A Man
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Playing Hard to Get With A Man

A lot of women play hard to get with a man they like, but not all of them do it well. If you want to do this right and attract a man you want, then it's all about how you act. Believe it or not, winging it doesn't always turn out well and sometimes it can mean losing him. If you want to avoid this all together, then here is what you need to know about playing hard to get!

Don't be an Open Book… Men want to know things about you, but most of that will come in time when they get to know you. It's important that you don't lay your life out like an open book when you're courting a guy. This could make him think your either crazy or way to open about your experiences. Leave some mystery so that he can actually ask you questions without you telling him the answer first! This will also give you a lot of things to talk about through the course of your dates.

Men wonder about you, your past, what you like and how to win your heart. If you tell him everything up front, then don't expect him to chase you. Unfortunately this may just result in him turning away because he doesn't see the challenge in winning you over. So, avoid the complete openness and try to save some mystery for the future!

Know How to Appeal to Him…Each and every man is different when it comes to how they respond to women who play hard to get. This means that you shouldn't treat every guy that you're seeing the same. Instead, you should start playing hard to get with a man based on how he reacts to things that you do.

For example:

Call your guy a few times in just one day. After this, avoid talking to him for at least four or five days. Try sending him a cute text.

Don't be readily available to answer all his calls or texts. Make sure you seem busy, powerful and mysterious to him.

How does he react to this? Does he go crazy and e-mail you all the time? Or does he let it slide and only contact you once? If he likes the thrill of the chase then, he will definitely be the one to go crazy and try to contact you in every way that he can. If he is more laid-back, then he will be more casual with how he gets in touch. After you find out what he likes, then you can play hard to get in a more appealing way to him specifically.

When playing hard to get with a man it's important to make sure you give him something to work towards. This means a date at the end of the week or a phone call when you're not busy. If he has nothing to chase after then, he probably isn't going to put time and effort into chasing you.

It's no secret that playing hard to get can often be confusing and complicated. If you want to do this and come out on top, then it's important to make sure you know your guy. There has to be give and take when doing this and you have to set boundaries. Always know that there is a fine line between making yourself seem interested in a guy and making yourself seem like you don't want him at all!

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