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Relationship Advice For Women – Priceless And Timeless
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There is some relationship advice for women, which works for the current relationship they are in and that’s great. However, very often there is a wrong assumption made that all men are created equal and thus what works for someone else’s relationship should work for theirs. Just because you read about successful relationships or have friends whom are happy in their relationship, don’t try to carbon copy their relationship.

Now, please note that I do believe that you should try to follow sound advice and make changes in your relationship that can help bring you both the happiness and fulfillment you desire. However, it can be frustrating when you compare your relationship to others and try what’s working for them and don’t see the same results.

Relationship Advice For Women Tip #1 – Don’t Compare Your Guy To Others

It’s very easy to get frustrated and disappointed with your partner when he doesn’t measure up to other men in your life or in the public arena. There are so many variables that influence how men act and interact with their partner. You also don’t know all of the flaws of the men you are comparing him to. Dare I say that you probably don’t know everything about men very close to you? You probably have an image of excellence and purity that exist only because you haven’t seen anything to the contrary.

Remember, just because you don’t see their faults on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. However, if you had a chance to be around the men you want your guy to be like, I’m sure you would find out that no one is perfect. Don’t compare your man to other men if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Relationship Advice For Women Tip #2 – Don’t Over-react If He Doesn’t Get It

Your partner might be one of the brightest guys in the world or at least in his profession but one of the clueless when it comes to relationships. There are many times in a relationship when what he thinks he should be doing is totally opposite of what you need or desire from him. For example, when you are dealing with issues outside of your relationship which have you tense and emotional at times, you might want him to be overly sensitive, considerate and compassionate. He might pull away at this time thinking he needs to give you space. You might think he doesn’t care and become resentful or bitter.

It’s so easy to be on opposite pages as a couple. One month things could be fantastic and the next month you could be wondering what planet your partner is from.

Just because he doesn’t seem to get it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or love you. It could just be that you need to work on communicating clearly and in understandable ways. For some folks, words are not always enough. Sometimes you have to take an extra step and give real examples of what you need in your relationship.

Relationship Advice For Women Tip #3 – Be Consistent

One thing that I know for sure drives a man crazy is when his woman is inconsistent with her wants and needs. Most men need structure and a good idea of what to expect. If they believe that they are doing a good job in their role as a soul-mate and partner, they feel successful and content. If for whatever reason, the rules change, men have a hard time adjusting. It could be your expectations of him, your attitudes or interactions with him. If you are seeing him react to you like a deer caught in a headlight, it’s probably because he is puzzled by your inconsistency.

Sometimes it’s hit or miss when searching for relationship advice for women. You might run across some advice which offers suggestions on how to change your mate. Let me just say I don’t think you will ever change him. You can create an atmosphere in your relationship where he is motivated and inspired to change, which is often the case.

I understand that all relationships have their ups and downs. Please make sure that your relationship is getting better and that you are growing closer as time goes by. A good or great relationship doesn’t happen by chance. There is no luck involved in developing a healthy and happy relationship.

Perhaps you need some help in getting him back in love with you again or getting your ex back. There are many steps you can take and resources available to help get your ex back.

Finally, if your relationship has broken apart or is slowly eroding, please keep in mind that there are many different paths to restoring relationships.

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