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Say “I’m Sorry”; Your Personality Will Not Change
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Say “I’m Sorry”; Your Personality Will Not Change

How do you feel when someone apologizes to you? Do you apologize when you offend someone or does anything change within you when you say “I’m sorry” to someone?

Is really pathetic to hear when a friend says, “I won’t apologize to him, what does he take me for or who does he really think he is. Am not going to say it?”

What will change when you say “I'm sorry” or apologize when the need arises? I see this as egoistic and unmannered in ones character.

Many marriages do not flourish because they find it difficult to deal with this issue when a partner goes contrary to what might have been done or needed to be done.

Most partners and business associates decide to replace apologies with excuses when they were not able to complete an assigned task on time. They shift the blame to another situation whilst they should have accepted their responsibility and apologized for the inconveniences caused.

I have a friend in the workplace am volunteering and this man did something to his superior. The issue was that, he complained to the manager about an ill behavior that his superior was exhibiting and unfortunately, his superior had gotten to know about it. It became an issue which needed to be trashed out.

The manager made known to my friend that he should just apologize but my friend resisted to apologize until he was asked to go for suspension if he was not going to say “I'm sorry.”

He gladly didn’t apologize and picked his bag and left.

I saw him with a different mindset but he taught he had exhibited tough mindedness and a strong personality.

Apologizing alleviates the guilt, promotes peace and brings harmony which will make you feel better on the inside.

Don’t wait till later but rather apologize immediately, utter your words with sincerity and keep an eye contact.

It is of much importance to do whatever it takes to express your repentance by sending that nice flowers, crying while you kneel with the back of your hand in the palm of the other, holding on to the legs, send that card or send that apology letter to signify your remorse.

Most often I apologize and criticize myself than to let the other person point out my flaws. I see that to be more interesting than to let the other person rain his cold words on me.

So I say to you, my reader, feel free to apologize when you offend and do it sincerely. I believe your name will neither change nor your status won't be ripped off if you do it.

Let’s all exhibit this and we will always be good as gold and be loved everywhere we go. Cultivate this habit and you will be associated with the well mannered.

Thank you and keep the positive mental attitude in all you do.

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