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Six Secrets To A Thriving Relationship
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Six Secrets to A Thriving Relationship

How to Make Your Relationship Thrive

Great relationships do not just happen, you have to put in the effort, nurturing and the commitment that it needs to get it to grow and last. Love is a very important ingredient, however on its own it is just not enough to carry the relationship through and make it as amazing as it can be.

Share Secrets

There are certain things that will make your relationship thrive, and there are those that can completely mess it up. One secret that makes successful relationships is being open to each other and sharing things that are close to your hearts. Opening up about your life and sharing things with your partner that you would not naturally share with everyone shows that you have decided to take a certain journey with them. It is a special thing in a relationship and it says a lot about the direction that you want the relationship to take. Also, your partner will feel special and blessed that you have chosen to share things that you hold close to your heart with them, and that speaks volumes about how you feel about them.

Positve Communication

Every facet of the relationship needs you and your partner to be able to communicate properly. Positive communication is critical in every relationship, as everything else requires some sort of communication. You need to be able to communicate properly, without attacking your partner or hurting their feelings because if you do that, they too will have to put a defense up and lash out at you to get a grip of the hurt that they feel. Make sure that you do not criticize them, and refrain from making personal remarks that will set them off and be hurtful. The communication that is needed should be focused on having a positive result in mind, and building the relationship instead of destroying it.


For a relationship to thrive, couples have to set time aside to spend together doing things that they love. Both partners have to be involved, as it cannot just be about the one partner. Quality time will give you a chance to connect and share things that you want to do with your partner, and it does not have to be anything complicated. A simple dinner together, a picnic or a movie night can be a great start. Just make sure that it is something that you can both enjoy.

Quality Time Together

There is nothing better than being spoiled by your partner now and again, as it can definitely put a smile on your face and spark the romance. It is important to appreciate your partner and make them feel that they are important to you, especially when the relationship has been going for a while and things are starting to settle down. This just confirms to your partner that you appreciate them, and that you know they could have chosen to be with someone else, but they chose you instead. Keep the romance going and appreciate your partner when you can.

Support your Partner

Your partner and you may also be focused on different career paths or personal goals that you want to achieve, and you will also have goals for your relationship. In order to have a relationship that thrives, you need to be supportive to the things that they do and what they want to achieve in their personal capacity. The journey to getting your dreams come true is made more special when you have someone special to support you and cheer you on. Also, for when you have a bad day, it is amazing to have someone who will listen to how your day was and try to make it better. You have to be there for your partner, just like they should be there for you.

Unleash the Passion

Passion is another important factor that should be present in all great relationships that want to stand the test of time. Intimacy is every bit important to all relationships as it allows both partners to experience a different kind of connection. Passion allows for a new kind of happiness to be present in the relationship, and it allows for both partners to be open to a new kind of vulnerability and openness. Everyone has a naughty streak in them, and this is the perfect way to have it come out, and surprise your partner. Without passion, you ruin the risk of having a brother sister relationship, which could open the risk of infidelity, as everyone wants to feel loved and desired.

Relationships can thrive, if you are both committed to each other. These six secrets, if present in your relationship will make it strong and unforgettable. Build on these six secrets to a thriving relationship and you will have a relationship that is the envy of many.

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Jane John  

Very true.

  about 6 years ago

Ken, I think this is one of your best articles! You've certainly captured really important parts of a relationship. I was trying to pick the most important but I think they're all interwoven in a good relationship! Well done!

  about 6 years ago
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