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Text A Guy First - 5 Tips To Know When To Text
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Text A Guy First  -  5 Tips to Know When to Text

Some women may want to know the best way to text a guy first. Texting him isn't that difficult at all. At the first time, you may feel a bit nervous. However, you can text him the right way by following these 5 simple tips. There is no exact rule on how you can text him perfectly. In fact, there is nothing wrong with texting him anytime you want. Here are several things that you should consider when texting a guy.

1. Start with simple things…When you want to text a guy first, you need to start with simple things. Do not ask too many questions at the beginning. You can start by sending simple message, such as "Hey, how are you doing?". This is a very common message that people send to their friends. You can also do the same thing with him. This simple question allows him to reply this question easily. From this little opening talk, you can start building your conversation slowly.

2. Make your conversation about both of you…This is another tip that you should follow when texting him. It is important to make your conversation two way. It means that you should not dominate the conversation. Always ask simple questions to let him talk about himself. Do not ask some questions that he can answer with one word only, such as "Yes" or "No. These questions are not effective to build a good conversation.

3. Do not come across as a needy person...Although it is okay to text a guy first, you should not do it excessively. It means that you should understand his space. Spending too much time on texting him is not a good way to spend your day. There are many other interesting activities that you can do with your other friends. You also need some time to enjoy your favorite activities or hobbies.

4. Make a date to meet in person…At the middle of your conversation; you should make a date to meet him in person. By meeting him in person, you can know his personality, appearance, and his other characters. It is important to give him a good reason to meet you. There are some good reasons that you can use to ask him to meet together, such as watching movies, having lunch together, or any other interesting activities for both of you.

5. Text goodbye first…This is a very cool tactic that you can use to keep all things interesting. You should text goodbye first. There is one simple reason why you should do this. It is very useful to keep all things fresh. This action allows both of you to do your favorite activities. This can give you something to talk about with him in the future.

Those are several tips that you can use when texting him. You should understand that it is okay to text a guy first. The most important thing when texting a guy is your confidence. Try to make everything look simple. Do not text a guy excessively because he will get bored really soon. By texting him in the right way, you can attract his attention easily.

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