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What To Do When Your Wife Says She No Longer Loves You
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You know your marriage is in serious trouble when your wife speaks those crushing words “I don’t love you anymore”. Regardless of the problems that you have been having or how you feel about her, it hurts to hear those words. Here are some suggestions for dealing with a wife who has lost her affections for you.

Tips To Restore Your Wife’s Love

First, I would suggest that you acknowledge the words your wife has spoken. It’s very easy when dealing with a difficult marriage situation to try to ignore what’s going on. Many times we think that time will heal all wounds so we put off dealing with the problem. If your wife has told you that she doesn’t love you any longer, you must not ignore her or brush it off.

Your wife would not utter those difficult words if she didn’t mean it. What your wife is telling you is that she has given up or is close to throwing in the towel on your marriage. You need to respond and acknowledge her feelings.

What you want to do is gather your thoughts and be prepared for a serious conversation with your wife. You need to be ready to admit that you understand how she feels and why she feels this way.

Now the key here and most important step in trying to turn your marriage around is understanding, why she feels the way she does. This requires some reflection and analysis on your part.

STOP – You should not have this conversation without having taken the time to understand why she has fallen out of love with you. For starters, why not make a list of all of the things you have done to hurt your relationship. Be honest and look at it from her perspective.

Second, I would recommend that you ask your wife for some time to prove that you are still worthy of loving. Now, might be a good time to let your wife know that you still love her. Again, it’s important that you be prepared to answer your wife’s questions. If she asks you “why do you love me” what is your answer going to be?

Whatever you do, please be honest. It’s better to say that you don’t have all of the answers and you need time to sort things out. Don’t patronize your wife or say things just to try and manipulate her. By this point in your marriage I’m sure she can see right through you. Remember, you probably have very little credibility with your wife, if she says she no longer loves you.

Third, I would recommend that you start to make some serious changes in your relationship. You need to refer to the list that you created earlier and start knocking some of those marriage busting items off the list. There are some basic qualities many women appreciate in their husbands and they are related to trust, intimacy and communication. It’s important that your wife can trust that you have her best interest at heart. She also probably would like to know that you are there for her emotionally and physically. One of the ways you can tie everything together is by communicating timely and effectively.

Finally, please don’t panic just because your wife says that she no longer loves you. Take her seriously and treat it as a red alert that danger lies ahead. Infidelity, separation or divorce is peeking around the corner, waiting to strike your marriage.

Please keep in mind that in all likelihood your wife wants to love you again. She just wants to be loved and cared for in a different manner. Take this opportunity to begin restoring your relationship.

Make sure you don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of finding resources to help your marriage.

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