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Women Men Want And Adore - Are You One Of Them?
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Women Men Want And Adore  -  Are You One Of Them?

Are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with? If a person asked you this question, would you have an honest answer? Many women wouldn't know how to answer this question because they don't even know what men are looking for in a woman. For those who have the answer, most are enjoying great and fulfilling relationships. If you want to know whether you are the kind of girl that appeals to men, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

>>>> Are You Independent? If you are asking yourself the question are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with, you need to know that men want a woman who is independent. This is a woman who does not depend on a man to complete her life. She is a professional with set goals on how she wants to live her life. Men can tell whether a woman is independent or not from how she relates to men and to people around her. A woman who has her life in control is confident, is not intimidated by male company and knows what she wants in a relationship, which she makes clear from the start.

>>>> Do You Take Care of Yourself? Men will always be men and the first thing that attracts them to a woman is her physical appearance. They can tell a woman who spends time taking care of her looks and one who does not. Looks are very important to a man. Do you exercise regularly? Do you take care of your skin and hair? How about how you dress? Although it is not necessary that you invest in high fashion trends, you should learn what clothes work best for your body type and complexion. Invest in clothes that fit you well and bring out your femininity. When you know you are well dressed and you take care of yourself, this boosts your self-esteem, which is a plus when you want to attract men.

>>>> Do You Give Your Man His Space? Even when a man is totally in love with you, he still needs some time away from you to spend with his friends or doing things he loves away from you. If you insist on spending every minute with him or if you get angry when he spends time with his male friends and not with you, he will start to feel suffocated and this may drive him away from you. Also, learn to spend time on your own with your friends or doing things that fulfill you. Sometimes be mysterious and unpredictable. This will keep him excited.

The question is are you the kind of woman men adore and fall in love with. This very important for those who are in relationships and those just about to start one. It may decide your happiness and security in the relationship. Make sure you master the art of being a woman every man would want to be with even before you get yourself into a relationship.h

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