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Stick People Popularity
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Isn't it funny how the simplest things can be so popular? For example, there were rubber bands in various shapes and colors that were selling off of the shelves week after week for a long time. And what about simply taking a blanket and putting arm holes in them? Wasn't that an incredibly popular item last holiday season?I guess you could say that "simplicity" sells. That's why I am not surprised with the popularity of the "Stick People".  

Even though stick people have been around forever, they have become an increasingly popular commodity. This is evident in the huge influx of sales in stick figure items.  

One type of item that is selling is video games with stick figure characters. These characters are animated in the games. The creators of these video games make a simple change in the characteristics of the stick figures, and it gives them a personality that is used throughout the games. For example, in a war-type game, one side might have the outline of a circle for their heads while the other has a filled circle for theirs. By adding audio to these games, the characters really come to life and make the games fun to play.  

Stick figures are frequently used in videos on YouTube. By animating these simple characters and adding audio, people have been able to tell all kinds of stories with the stick people. Many people take a humorous route to tell their story. There are some pretty cute and some funny videos out there to see. You should check out the site and find your favorite.

There is also a huge market for items with stick people for the consumer. There are T-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, jewelry, key chains, coffee mugs, aprons, and the list goes on and on. And the number of different characters available in the stick people is amazing. You can take any profession, sport, business, hobby, girl, boy, moms, dads, etc. and turn it into a stick figure with a specific personality.  

One of the more recent things that I have been seeing is decals for stick people on cars. People are selecting the stick characters that best represent each individual in their family and are placing a decal of each of them lined up on the windows of their cars. They even include a "stick" version of the family pet. You can learn alot about the family just by checking out these decals.  

I'm guessing that these characters wouldn't be so popular if they weren't fun. So take some time out of your day and check out the stick people websites. Whether you need a laugh, want a break from work, or whatever, stick people will brighten your day.

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