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Are Motivational Speakers Completely Out Of Touch With Reality?
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Are Motivational Speakers Completely Out Of Touch With Reality?

As a young up and coming hopeful business person I was fresh meat for the sharks. I remember hitting the wall in my career when it dawned on me I was destined for a life of 9 to 5 work, to be a slightly depressed enslaved tax payer. I didn't say deeply depressed, just slightly. You see when you are just slightly depressed you are just strong enough to keep working and just weak enough to accept your lot in life. I believe this is where the majority of the western population lives in their mindset.

But for me, I caught myself and said "Wow, is this really it??". So being a bright eyed kid I was somehow invited to my first seminar. It was a property seminar, and when I arrived there were people like me everywhere! When I took my seat I noticed a notepad and pen. Then the seminar speaker got up on stage in the richest business suit I had ever seen, He was the vision of my success. He had me get a pen and paper and write down all of my goals, vision the boat I would have, the mansion i would live in and places in the world I would see. Boy oh boy did he sell me. So of course, knowing nothing I needed to find out more!

I signed up for an 'interview' and went along to find out how I could get rich. When I showed up I was treated like a king, sat down in a small board room and treated like a successful business man... and by the time I left I felt like a hopeless, useless, homeless loser. Why? Because I was made to realise how far off track I was in life. They made me feel so horrible. They asked for $6k up front and offered to put me on a payment plan, but the overall package cost $60k and I would need a loan. By the time they realised I wouldn't be able to get funding all of the respect and success talk when right out the window.

Out I walked with my tale between my legs. Lucky me as it turns out because two years later this company was convicted of fraud and misleading investors and losing those investors ALL of their money.

But then I heard of Anthony Robbins, recommended by so many people as the guy that inspired them to great heights. Of course I had to read his books! I also found out how to buy his audio books. It was back in the day when they posted them to your home. Now I can download audio books to my phone. I don't know, but I still like receiving gifts in the mail haha... but to download audio books is cheaper and easier for my busy life.

People were right, I loved his material. It made me hungry to buy other audio books as well as normal books to read. I consumed them all. But here is what I found about many motivational speakers; they were big on motivational words, but small on any substance and specifics. I just wanted somebody to tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. I didn't need to hear any more "You can do it!" speeches. I was done with it.

You know what I found, the older and wiser I became? The how and when cannot be taught or told. You need to figure this stuff out on your own. Why? Because if everyone knew exactly what to do and when to do it, then they would all be doing it. With everyone doing the same thing, once again, there would be many, many unsuccessful people. Imagine if everybody opened a book store. Who would buy books? So you see, the secret is actually in what to do. What to do is the secret sauce that a motivational speaker keeps to himself.

Imagine if they said "Buy a microphone, record your voice saying inspiring things and sell it on Amazon", or "book a seminar room, create a powerpoint presentation, get people to sell some tickets and then get up and speak". Well, there is profit in both of those options. that is what they did.

Imagine if Ebay showed you exactly what to do to create a site that competed with it. Who would buy from Ebay? There would be far too much competition. But the founder of Ebay and for Amazon had motivation.the 'how' came from their creative minds.

But now, after having the ultimate idea, I have the motivation. My motivation to achieve comes from inside. I know my 'why'. The 'why' is nothing a motivational speaker could ever hammer in to me. So now, when I listen to a motivational speaker I wonder "Why am I listening to this guy??" I start wondering if some of these people are totally out of their minds. They all make success seem so easy and it isn't! And of course, how many motivational speakers are there? Too many!

Motivational speakers have a tendency to speak fanatically about buying boats, cars, traveling first class and living a perfct, harmonious life. But let's be real. You can't just jump on a plane, most people with ritzy cars and expensive boats have some major debt on those things. If they miss a few payments the banks will take it all away!

So, as my wealth grows, slowly, day by day, I remember what is important to me. It's not about the bling. It's about the family and friends that I have and seeing them happy for me when I succeed. And it is about creating freedom through solid business structure, taking care of those important to me and remembering my 'why'

I often wonder how many of those motivational speakers were making money from anything other than their CD's and books. Did they have a solid business, with employees and the tax man and office space?

Anthony Robbins was truly inspiring. He started me on my journey. All I really needed was one good buy. I didn't need 100 of them. Motivational speakers are about quality, not quantity.

One true piece of advice that I heard from one of my guru's Warren Buffett give on how to get rich was just four words 'Spend less. Make more.' .. Simple!

Choose your mentors wisely. Choose what you put in your head, and learn your why. Learning the exact of 'how to be financially successful' comes from your creative mind and from plenty of reading or from when you buy audiobooks.

In all, many motivational speakers are out of the minds in my opinion. But the ones with real grounding, who can prove their own success, are the ones to listen to.

And if it wasn't for the lessons learned, both the hard way by charlatans and by respectable motivational business people, I would not be in the position I am today.

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