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Does Your Business Really Need Strategy, Tactics, And Planning?
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Does Your Business Really Need Strategy, Tactics, And Planning?

Words like strategy, tactics, and business planning scare most people when talking about their businesses.

Many of those people think that a small business has no need to do any planning at all. When there is a single entrepreneur into the business she knows very well what she has to do, why bother and lose time writing a plan?

Strategy and tactics are perceived by many small business owners as being only for big companies with many employees and not for a family business.

Increasing sales is their most important concern. Once they have found a nice place where their products or services are selling pretty well, they think they are on the right track.

Satisfied with the revenue they can get from their business for the moment, they think that if they just carefully manage their business, the success will last forever.

Closely watching their daily sales, monthly payments, and current operational tasks, they end by losing sight of the big picture.

They overlook the trends in their area/industry, competition movements, and other factors that could influence their business on medium and long run.

Unlike what many people believe, hard work is not the most important strength an entrepreneur must have. An entrepreneur is first of all a creator, an intelligent warrior into the marketplace. Properly doing her work is not enough for profitably staying on the market.

The marketplace is a continuously changing environment and any business, big or small, can survive only if it is capable to adapt to change.

Without being creative and innovative no business can keep its market share.

No matter if it is an old restaurant, a grocery, a computer business, or an information marketing business, your business has competitors, your market and customers change, the advance of technology brings new ways of communication and new logistic means. And you have to keep an eye on this evolution and permanently see where into this whole picture your own business is.

The daily revenue is not a business goal. It is important because it shows how your business is going, but the ultimate goal of any successful business is effectively serving its customers. The purpose of any business, doesn’t matter its size, is to make its customers happy, to offer them the solution they are willing to pay for.

If you have a restaurant, you’ll want to offer your customers a special time and make them come back and recommend you to their friends; if you have a grocery, you’ll want to offer to your neighboring customers all the products they might need and a pleasant buying experience, and if you have a computer business you’ll want to give your customers best service in the shortest time.

After defining such goals for the business, a creative entrepreneur should find creative ways (strategies) to reach these goals and define appropriate tactics (specific tools and action plans) to make things happen.

Without extending their thinking and defining a strategy, and without planning the actions needed to put in place the strategy, any business becomes vulnerable in time, no matter how much hard work the owner is putting into.

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