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Entrepreneurialism From Age To Age - 3 Top Predictions For 2013
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Entrepreneurialism From Age To Age  -  3 Top Predictions for 2013

Entrepreneurialism wasn’t born yesterday! Entrepreneurialism from age to age has proven itself as a way to provide for legitimate work at home support for families.

3 Top Predictions for 2013

(1) Entrepreneurialism flips the tides of commerce

I predict that the human spirit will rise up from the heart and take action.

As a result, entrepreneurialism will flip the tides of commerce globally. It'll turn the economy right around.

Small companies will be born. Existing companies will support the newborn and help them to the path of thriving, creating an ecosystem so we'll all thrive together.

That's right, I predict that people around the world will take to the path of individual entrepreneurialism. Entrepreneurialism will simply flip the tides of commerce.

The foolishness and the realities of a broken global economy will vanish. People will feel it like a slap in the face.

Because this time people are going to be looking in the mirror and waking up. Up ‘til now, we’ve been like a hibernating animal.

Letting whatever happens happen! No more.

It will not be so. Entrepreneurs will step through the looking glass.

From the heart, entrepreneurs will flip the tides.

Entrepreneurialism from age to age provided for the realities of families living lifestyles including free time and work time. We worked harder in some seasons, while we relaxed more deeply in others.

Think about it. The best of time wasn’t harvest time – that was a lot of work without machines!

(2) Tipping point for the small business owner

I predict that sideline businesses will burst into flower.

Sideline businesses will soar and lead to a tipping point for the small business owner.

People with jobs and sideline businesses will find that their business supports their employer in ways neither imagined. People will recognize small business as the agent of change.

Recognition will deliver a tipping point for the small business owner in the form of confidence. Confidence leads to delivering more value.

Delighting people has been and always will come from the heart of small business owners. That’s why big business seeks the all-important store manager with an attitude of ownership.

(3) Power of Internet gets applied

I predict that online communities will make the difference that supports successful entrepreneurs in this age.

That's right, I predict the power of the Internet is applied by entrepreneurs.

Street Articles will flourish. All kinds of entrepreneurs will plant their content right here in Street Articles.

Some will offer the tools of Street Articles as their business. Others, like me, will be leading multitudes of people here as we go about our business.

Work from the heart! You'll succeed as entrepreneurialsm from age to age sets new flowers in 2013.

Street Talk

What a great spirit for 2013, nice article Cynthia.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you Alfred! Compliments from you are always so bright. Great spirit;) Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago

I really love this article. I watched a 10 minute video by the CEO of Google and he touched on many of the same topics and was equally optimistic. Yes the people will rise to the occasion.

  about 1 decade ago

Awesome! I've been out of the news loop (on purpose) since 2008 when I gave up television for a year. I gave up the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Oregonian newspapers along with a bunch of magazines/journals. Just for a year! But I found it so healing and helpful that I continued. Not quite ready to "go back" to it as yet - but totally thrilled with your comment that the CEO of Google touched on the same topics. I'm healing and rising to the occasion myself and from watching the thousands of folks in church and other places I frequent I feel like I'm reading faces and feelings and people are ready to look in the mirror and step into the looking glass of risking really living. Thanks for being here, John, and thanks for your compliments.

  about 1 decade ago

You are very welcome. I'm not sure what made you give up all those things but I'm glad to see you have found a way to stay in touch with people and your feelings.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks! O - sometimes life deals us too many crises in a row. Then it makes sense to step back for a while. This was a longer for a while. But this was a lot of things in a row! Even the swine flu. Even dozens of tumors and cysts... but now I have a whole new life. And a new body to match... And a new mindset... Fresh and ready for a brand new life start. Guess I've become the world's foremost authority on starting life over again in some ways. Thanks for being here and thanks for your many compliments in just a few words.

  about 1 decade ago

I agree, and we all need to work hard to achieve that.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks! Let's have at it then... Appreciate your comment and readership in being here.

  about 1 decade ago
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