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How Can A Good Employee Become A Successful Entrepreneur?
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How Can A Good Employee Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

For a person who was taught and trained to be an employee, the idea of starting her own business is intimidating if not scaring.

Being on their own may look to many people as assuming a too high risk.

Being an employee, it is enough to show up daily in a certain place and accomplish a list of established tasks to get a monthly decent reward. For longtime, obedience used to be one of the most valued characteristics of a good employee.

Changing the role of employee with the role of entrepreneur means to perform a radical mindset transformation and to build a brand new set of values.

Even if you’ve been a successful manager with good track records in managing high turnover businesses, becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult task.

Acting as manager for a big company, you always enjoy the support, accountability and guidance of your employer. Doing your own business, you have full responsibility of all your decisions and actions. There is no one there to keep you accountable for anything you do.

Self-discipline is one of the most important habits entrepreneurs have to form from the beginning.

To be able to manage your own business you have to set a clear goal, outline a detailed action plan, and to rigorously follow it.

Sticking on your plan, being consistent in everything you do and never giving up aren’t tasks easy to accomplish when working alone.

Self-confidence is another very important characteristic an entrepreneur should build. Without being confident in your goal and in the decisions you are taking, you cannot stick to your plan and finally reach your targets.

Doubt, hesitation and fear are the fiercest enemies of any person willing to go on her own.

An employee could find excuses or explanations for lower results; while for an entrepreneur excuses have no sense.

Entrepreneurs know that they are 100% responsible for their results and assume any mistakes they may make.

Mistakes represent occasions to learn from and not problems to give explanations for.

That’s why it is very difficult for an employer to take the decision to become entrepreneur. The idea of leaving some small tangible benefits in exchange of some bigger ones yet depending on a lot of factors, is keeping people far from taking the leap.

However, this transition is easier to do in situations with no other choice. For instance, when the employee loses her job or when the working environment becomes unbearable.

In this kind of situations employees go easier through the process of transformation, they have more motivation, resources and energy to change their habits and embark on a new direction.

Street Talk

Going out on your own can be scary, and if you are an employee you need to stick with you job while starting your own business. And also staying true to you self and not letting anyone tell you can't do it, you can do anything you set your mind to. However the minute you doubt yourself will be the moment you fail. Good article

  about 9 years ago
Jane John  

Yes nucta, it's always about goal setting and dedication. I like this, Thank you

  about 1 decade ago
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