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How Fast Are You Moving?
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How Fast Are You Moving?

Projects always start with a decision to accomplish something. It could be a new product design or a product launch, a new marketing campaign, the establishment of a new business line or even getting started in a new business.

The decision to embark in a project is followed by a preparation stage when the project manager or the team in charge with the project evaluate the resources needed, schedule all the activities, and fix deadlines.

Depending on how experienced the project manager is in doing similar projects, she will be able to anticipate the roadblocks which the project will encounter over the implementation phase and will be capable to avoid eventually mistakes.

Before embarking in any project, it is always advisable to perform a feasibility study to check if the project worth the effort.

However, many people extend too much this stage. Willing to avoid any kind of mistakes during the implementation phase, they defer too long the start of the project.

Postponing to take action often has a negative impact on the final project success. Opportunities don’t last long. The marketplace is permanently moving and, if you don’t act in time, you’ll lose -- even if finally your project will be perfect managed.

So, sometimes it is better to take fast action and assume the mistakes you’ll make over the course of your project.

Entering the game and playing is the only possibility to learn.

Many successful multi-millionaires speak about their first business as being a failure. Going bankrupt is a tough lesson, but at the end, it is a lesson to learn from.

Avoiding action is not a solution.

When you don’t have experience, it is better to ask someone’s help and advice or, if this is not possible, a good way is to employ as less resources as possible to minimize an eventual loss.

To act or not to act is a dilemma many entrepreneurs have when starting their first business.

Their lack of confidence in their own capabilities to manage a business and the fear of losing make first time entrepreneurs to hesitate to get started. They are searching for additional proofs and reinforcements that they are taking the right decisions.

In this way, they are letting money on the table for other fast moving entrepreneurs.

What is important for them to understand is that not taking action is also a lost. They lose opportunities to do business and also opportunities to learn.

Reading and thinking is the first part of the learning process. Without doing, knowledge is worthless.

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