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How To Become A Shaklee Director
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How to Become A Shaklee Director

Many people are looking for information on how to become a Shaklee Director. Folks that are already distributors, and people that are considering becoming distributors all want to know what it takes to achieve this rank in Shaklee.

Becoming a director in with Shaklee is actually the first step in their compensation plan ladder. This does not mean you cannot earn money until you become a director, it is merely the first achievement level within their comp plan. Once you reach this rank, you will be earning approximately $900-$1000 USD per month from Shaklee!

How to Become a Shaklee Director

Let's jump in and talk about what it would take to become a director. Shaklee determines rankings by assigning something called PV or Personal Volume to it's distributors. Each product you sell has an assigned PV to it, and the goal is to accumulate as much PV as possible. You also get PV by signing up new distributors as well, and this is where you can stack up your PV very quickly.

You also have something called PGV (Personal Group Volume), which is the total point volume you have in your group. Your group is equal to the products you sell and the products your new distributors sell. To become a director, you need to have 2000 PGV in a given month.

The goal is to sign other people up as distributors. There are 3 ways someone can join you, they are:

  • Gold Pak - $299
  • Gold Plus Pak - $599
  • Super Gold Pak - $750

When you sign people up with a Gold Plus Pak or a Super Gold Pak you will earn 500 Personal Group Volume (PGV) points for each new sign up. You do not take these points away from the new distributor you sign up, they are simply credited to you in your PGV (Personal Group Volume).

For example, if you were to sign up 3 people with Gold Plus Paks you would earn 3x500 PGV points totaling 1500. You would then need to account for 500 additional PV points through product sales, bringing your PGV total to 2000. Getting to 2000 can come in any combination of sales and sign ups.

Also worth noting, signing up new distributors as Gold members also earns you other cash bonuses not associated with becoming a Director.

A Simple Way to Look at It...

Shaklee has a slogan:

"3 & 10, Do it again"

What this means is one sure fire way to become a Shaklee director is to find 3 people to join you in Shaklee, and find 10 customers to share the gift of better health with. 3 & 10, do it again will get you to Director in no time, so if things seem complicated shoot for this mark.

Hopefully you now know how to become a Shaklee Director. Shaklee is not a get rich quick scheme, and is not a push button turn key money making venture. As with any career, Shaklee takes hard work, dedication, persistence, and focus. However, if you can do these things you can enjoy a nice lifestyle with your Shaklee home business.

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