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How To Get Rich Through Entrepreneurship
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If you asked a group of people how to get rich, or how they think others have gotten rich, you would probably get a variety of answers. And most of those answers would involve being lucky with investments, having a windfall from an inheritance or lottery, or having a high-paying executive job.

If you asked that same group how to earn enough money to have a comfortable, but not extravagant, lifestyle, you might hear them say you should get a good education so you can find a good steady job, save money and invest wisely.

That was true a couple of decades ago. But the new reality is that this is no longer valid.

The chances of you becoming a millionaire are slim. In the United States, of 311 million people, only 3.1 million, or 1% are millionaires, and only 403 people are billionaires. Only a few more than 2 million are employed in top executives positions earning more than $1 million a year.

What’s more discouraging is that the dream of a “steady job” is quickly becoming extinct. The average length of time that today’s worker stays in a job is just 4.1 years. Most people will have 7-10 jobs in their lifetime. Because longevity in any one job is so short, this means you have to work twice as long to cover retirement years. So – if you planned to work 20 years an retire, you will have to work 40 years to earn the same amount of money in pensions, retirement income and savings. Unemployment is at a record high. Underemployment is a problem as well. Counting on a steady job to give you a secure future is no longer an option.

So where does this leave us?

Today, there are two main conditions to becoming rich: The Right Mindset and The Wealthy Strategy.

The Right Mindset is the first step. You need to decide if you want to get rich, or if you want to become wealthy. Becoming wealthy means secure feeling about the future. It means knowing you can do what you want, when you want. It does not mean working harder. The next step is The Wealthy Strategy. This consists of three steps:

Step 1 – Become an entrepreneur with a successful business

Step 2 – Learn everything you can about tax law

Step 3 – Reduce or eliminate debt

Stay tuned for more information…

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