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I Can't Pay My Loan
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I Can\'t Pay My Loan

Got yourself in too deep? Plans didn't work out? I feel ya. I have so been there. I borrowed money to buy a car and wound up saying, "I can't pay my loan." The car got repossessed. I worked at a car lot and had folks say to me, "I can't pay my loan." I had to repossess some of their cars. I had a job and lost it - same story several times. I didn't think I was difficult to get along with, but they decided they didn't need me around anymore. Sound like something you can relate to?

Why did this happen?

You probably had the best of intentions and the worst of luck. That happens so much. You get told you will make so much on your job and you need something or many somethings to make it easier, you get them, then either the job doesn't pay enough or it ends and there you are stuck owing the money. Maybe your stuff got stolen and you had to replace it and there is one loan you can pay and the other one you can't I understand.

Being Broke is Way Expensive

Did you know that if your credit suffers you might have trouble getting a job because of it? If you don't have a high credit score, or especially if you have a relatively low one, your car insurance is going to be higher than if you had a higher score. I think nobody poor is likely to have a high credit score, so it kind of punishes the poor guy. It starts with "I can't pay my loan" and continues into "I can't find a job" or "I can't get a loan" and on and on.

What can I do about it?

My dad told me long ago to get a skill so if no one will hire me, I can put out my own "shingle" and go into business for myself. Well, if I had the money to go into business, I thought, I could pay my loan. That train of thought got frustrating, but I found out I could go into business for myself on a shoestring budget and it had no limit to what could be made.

What kind of scam is this?

I have already shared a few things with you and let me assure you, I am not going to take you from I can't pay my loan to I can't see my kids from jail. I want you to have good self respect, and scamming people even if you don't get caught does not give you that respect. The way to get yourself out of trouble is Internet Marketing. Specifically I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is where you are in business bringing business to businesses (say what?). As an Affiliate Marketer you would be reaching out to people who are on the Internet looking for something, and providing what they are looking for. You won't be helping everyone. You will be helping people who are looking for things and services provided by businesses you have made an arrangement with. You will make an arrangement with a business to bring a customer to them, and if the customer buys, you get a percentage or a fee. There is no scam here. A business sells something and gets paid, so it pays you some of that.

The Internet is huge and there is a huge amount of money out there. You will need some help learning to do this and I would be glad to help you, but beyond that, you need to make up your mind that the next time you feel like complaining, "I can't pay my loan," you also say, "but I will, because I have a way."

Just one caution

This won't pay off today or tomorrow, usually, but with work, dedication, and sticking with it, you can make more than a steady income from this. There are people making over 5 figures per month that have been doing this less than two years. You may be one of those. You just have to have a made up and teachable mind. Although there are ways you can make short term money writing articles, web site content, or stories, you will only get paid once for each of those. The big money is in affiliate marketing, but only if you work it steady, hard, smart, and consistently. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.

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