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Import From China, Is It Necesary To Improve Your Profits?
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Import From China, Is it Necesary to Improve Your Profits?

Now at days we are always an efficient way to growth our business, even though we improve our internal process with certifications, the smarter way and the key to do it is buy merchandise at low cost. And the only way to achieve this is get it directly from the factory, and the cheapest factory is China.

Importing products from China is a little easier, though there's a lot of paperwrok and import/export process to do before receiving your merchandise.

Here's a list for you to review what needs to be done.

  • The obvious, find a product
  • Find some suppliers and stablish a relation
  • Get some samples of the product, review packing, quality, etc.
  • Understand the shipping terms
  • Understand payment terms
  • YOU need to make sure the products meet yourcountry internal regulations
  • Select a Forwarder and customs house broker
  • Sign up with a FX brokerage house
  • Place a trial order with a written purchas order
  • Appoint an inspection company to check your product on site factory with a detail report.
  • Track Transportation and custom clearence
  • Receive the products and keep record of it
  • Do not order counterfiet or branded products unless your supplier is an authorized reseller.

You can find detailed explanation right here.

That's kind of intimidating right? or if you already doing it that way, needless to say that sometime the cargo doesn't arrive on time or there's some issues with customs clearence.

There some other negative points with this or other things to consider.

  1. You will need a big investment
  2. The factory Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) it's at least 300's or dozens (same model!)
  3. The Transit from China to USA it's about 1 month
  4. The productsyou will receive, will be different in quality from the sample (they want you to place an order, that's why the sample is better than the production item).
  5. You will need a Warehouse to store your merchandise
  6. Your inventory turns will be slow, and therefore your business cashflow will be slow too.

Once you know all this points, and I'm sure there's some more, but at this time it's all I have, it make you think twice to Import from China, isn't?

What about if i tell you that, there's a way to avoid all this process, and actually be able to obtain low costs, low investments and low MOQ's?.That sounds like the perfect combination, and guess what, it can be done.

How it works, is just like going to the grocery store. You buy your product, grab it and take it home.

Remember the list above? with all the steps you need, find supplier, samples, terms etc etc... well these factory people have Sales Reps here on the United States, and they have products ready to be sold, they already made all that hard work for you, they did make sure that the products are within country regulations and all that complex stuff... the only thing you need to do, it's find them, that the dificult part, but hey, I already did it for you, and I'm going to share in one simple guide...

Will Continue...

I'll leave this post right here, it's not done yet... but if you need me to write you directly or have any question, concern or comment, you can leave a message....

Street Talk

I have often wondered how this was done. You have really shared a lot of information in a short article. I'm a newb so I'm concentrating on making money using article marketing, but the future could have me doing exactly what you are suggesting. Thanks Ricardo, Clark

  about 1 decade ago
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