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I've Lost Everything - What Can I Do?
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I\'ve Lost Everything - What can I Do?

I can hear the desperation in your question. I hope if it is the case that you need emergency services that you have access to them. If you are like me, I felt that way when I lost my job and lost my house. I have gone homeless twice and I am counting now as my second time since I have no lease and no right to be here other than the indulgence of the homeowner. Sometimes life is real tough and it doesn't make sense. When someone dies, there is not always a reason. Bad things happen to all people, good and bad.

What Do I Do Now?

Do the next thing. Put one foot in front of another. Get your next meal. Smile at someone with kindness. In fact, it will start bringing color back to your world if you will do kind things for absolutely no reason for people you expect to forget you. That last part is key. Don't expect recognition. You will likely not get it and the disappointment will add to your depression. Look at it like the person you are helping can never repay you and will never try. You, however, will be seeing outside your own pain and beginning to live again.

How Do I Get Out of This?

In your case, I can't give you a complete answer. I can make a couple of suggestions.

Just for you personally I suggest you find a church or a mission and listen to what is spoken there. If you find a good group, and there are a lot of them out there, you will find people who will help you work your way through this. Some of them have been where you are and can tell you that you will survive and grow stronger from this. If the first group you go to seems focused elsewhere, try another.

For your future, assuming from your cry, "I've lost everything," you have no job. Keep looking. It's hard to beat a job for short term money, but in a job you are exchanging your time for money and you only have so much time. You are limited as to the amount you can earn. I am in business on the Internet and would like to invite you to check it out as well.

The business I am in is called Affiliate Marketing and it is not a natural skill, so to do it well, you need to learn a few things. In your situation you would benefit from having a support structure or mentors that can help you keep going and give you instructions and directions when you have questions. When you are able to join the group, we are here for you. You can do some things that may make you some money in the mean time.

There are some dot coms out there that will pay for articles written. You can join up and pick a job and bid for it and they will pay you if they choose your bid. They have other types of writing jobs available, too. When you have proven proficiency over time, you will get offers to make more for some articles. It is not much, but it is something. If you do go there to write and make some money, remember, you get paid once for a job, where in affiliate marketing you can get paid lots of times from an article or site.

Other than that, you can do a search to find things you can do. I suggest you be a little careful to avoid scams. Scams are out there trying to get what little you have. Just be careful. Good luck to you and I hope things turn out all right for you.

Street Talk

Nicely done! Good information.

  about 3 years ago
Andrew B  

Here are a couple of tips based on some things I did when I was out of full-time work after college several years ago: 1. Do everything you can- Take any and all odd jobs. The chances of you finding one full time job that pays all of your bills right away is slim, especially in this economy, and especially if you're new to the workforce, or have been out of it for a while now. I spent many long hours updating the little advertising signs of grocery store shopping carts for a couple of months. 2. Find a temp agency- If you have any kind of hard skills, or even just good people skills, you can get some temp work. The jobs may suck (though not always), but it will pay you, and help you revamp your resume in short order. 3. Become involved in affiliate or network marketing, as Samuel here suggests. I promoted a few different services during and after college. In school, it helped me pay for some everyday expenses, and after it kept me above water until I found a full time job with benefits, etc. Now it serves as a supplement, and a safety net should I lose my job and need to scrape by for a while. What's your 2 cents, Sam?

  about 3 years ago

Get a mentor. I borrowed Rich Dad, Poor Dad from the library and found a lot of very good advice. Among the best advice was to get a mentor. If there is a financial place you want to be, find someone who has achieved it and see if he or she will spend some time with you.

  about 3 years ago
Andrew B  

Good idea, Sam. I've never read that book myself (full disclosure), but I've heard about it from many people over the years. Another book I can vouch for is Dale Carnagie's "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living." I've had some big ups and downs over the last couple of years, as I'm sure many others have. What I got out of it was basically two things: 1. You have a choice about how you feel about and react to events in life, and 2. Decisions will be made, so if you don't someone else will- and you probably won't like the results. Another book that's useful, though not *exactly* on this same topic is Harry Brown's "Fail-Safe Investing." This book is about the simplest/lowest risk way to plan for retirement. While it doesn't do a whole lot for you short term, it does help plan for the long term and would be beneficial in that if you're having a rough time now, you can rest assured that things can only get better.

  about 3 years ago
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