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Key Success Factors In Building A Sound Business
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Key Success Factors In Building A Sound Business

One of the critical steps in starting a business is to choose what to do.

This process becomes a struggle for most people because many of them want to not take a wrong decision.

They want to build the perfect business.

This is understandable, but, unfortunately, searching longtime for best business ideas won’t lead them to the ideal choice.

I went through this struggle too until some day when I realized that searching for the perfect business I’m just wandering aimlessly without getting anything.

That day I received a message from a marketer on which list I was being for quite a longtime. He didn’t send any offer.

He just put a question, which strike me deeply: “How will be you life one year from now if you take action now and start building your business?”

I was so busy to find the best business possible – a business which will never fail – that I didn’t realized that all this time I have been losing money.

Because an opportunity not capitalized is a wasted resource. All the time lost without any focus is the cost of opportunity we pay for our lack of direction.

Thinking on the question above, I understood something I should have known: everything in our lives accumulates.

Failure, like success is the result of little actions we perform daily.

The learning process is the best example to illustrate this truth.

When learning something -let’s say a foreign language-, every lesson accumulates and, in time, speaking, writing, reading in that language becomes natural.

The same happens with success.

If we perform daily the appropriate tasks towards building something in our lives, all these steps accumulates leading us to the expected outcome.

When we seriously decide to start our business, we are making the first step. But only deciding in not enough.

That's what we need:

  1. to have very clear in our mind our business proposal (the solution we intend to offer to our target customers)
  2. to define our business goals and strategy
  3. to plan in detail what we have to do to achieve our targets on short, medium and long run.

Then, putting in a few working hours every day, all our actions adds on leading us to success.

That’s how things work In our lives.

There is no other way.

Just hoping and dreaming and preparing for something perfect we cannot achieve anything. The fear of failure will never defeat us of failure. It will just keep us stuck, far from the desired success.

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