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Live And Work In Nyc: 5 Ideas For Starting Your Own Business And Supplement Side Jobs
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Our last article was an intro for entrepreneurs who want to live and work in NYC. Starting a business in NYC, like anything else is no easy task. Traditional brick and mortar establishments, like restaurants and shops require lots of capital (minimum $50k!) and can take two years before the owner sees a profit. If he or she sees one at all. Freelancing, is always an option, and is a great supplement to any income, however the NYC market is saturated with connected NYU graduates and established journalists and artists, making it hard to compete. Also, may companies who hire freelancers also want the individual to have experience in a relevant field, which may unfairly rule you out. So, what can you do to make money while in the beginning stages of starting your own business in NYC? Here are some ideas for side jobs with potential to grow into your own business

1. Dog-Walking: Do you love dogs, or animals in general? If so this is the perfect job for you to lay the financial foundation to live and work in NYC. Dog walking pays upwards of $12 an hour. Busy professionals with pets in NYC make sure their pets are taken care of and pay well for it. Check out craigslist or just google dog-walking nyc to set you in the right direction. Most companies require that applicants are available Monday-Friday, between the hours of 11am-5pm and can commit for 6 months. You’ll need a cell phone, and unlimited metro card along with a good pair of walking shoes to start. Also, because walking and pulling crazy canines around all day is your job description, it helps if you’re physically fit.

Live and Work in NYC entrepreneurial idea: If you love this job, think of opportunities in it for starting your own business in NYC. You could start your own dog walking company, or if your into fashion, why not consider designing or selling high end pet clothes and products to your existing customer base. Then, you could start an online affiliate store, and refer your clients there. You’ll make commissions on products sold, and hopefully evolve from working for someone else.

2. Club Promoter: As the night life capital, opportunities abound for people who want to get paid to party. Clubs, restaurants and just about everything else hire students or other-part timers to bring business to their establishment in hopes of making it the next NYC hotspot. Generally promoters are paid a set amount per 10-20 people they bring to the club. This a great side-job for social butterflies. The perks are awesome too, free entrance to the club, usually some drink tickets and of course cash. Also, the networking opportunities here can’t be beat.

Live and Work in NYC entrepreneurial idea: If you love promoting NYC nightlife, there are endless opportunities for creating your own online party hub. Pick your favorite spot, blog about it and create online promotions through the club. You could also sell club merchandise, or set up a fashion or jewelry store based on the interests of your readers on the same website. You could set up a forum for other promoters and monetize it with affiliate ads. Chances are you’ll meet successful entrepreneurs that you can learn a lot from while promoting NYC coolest clubs.

3. Home Handy Person: Are you a domestic jack-of-all-trades? Do you love to fix little things around the house, organize, clean and don’t mind running errands for people? If so, this might be your ideal side job. Offer your services as a professional handy-person. There are so many niches within this one side job! If you’re strong and have access to a van you could provide moving services. To get a leg up on the competition , offer to help unpack and set up home theatre equipment for an additional fee. Provide maid services (buy one, get one free is a great promotion). Set your price, and note that maid services come at a 2 hour minimum. Try posting your ad on Craigslist or Backpage, or for a small fee in a neighborhood newspaper classified ad. Don’t forget guerilla marketing—post your flyers everywhere, and it helps to focus on a few neighborhoods. Build your reputation there, and let it spread.

Live and Work in NYC entrepreneurial idea: Once you’ve tried the ropes yourself, consider setting up your own handy person staffing company. Students and NYC newbies are always looking for decent paying side jobs, so you’ll have no problem finding people to help you out. When interviewing, make sure your hires are reliable. Once your handy person business blows up, look for partners. After you’ve worked together on a few jobs, you can refer them to new clients. Waiting for the online business idea? That would be your business website! Or a job directory for handy work jobs!

4. Gym Front Desk Person: Are you a fitness buff who can’t afford a gym membership while trying to start your own business in NYC? Apply to work as a front desk person at any of the hundreds of gyms throughout the city. Many big gyms offer discounted training courses for employees interested in becoming personal trainers, so it could be a window to a whole new career. The major perk is a free gym membership, and getting to know all of the gym’s diverse clientele. Networking opportunity, anyone?

Live and Work in NYC entrepreneurial idea: Nyc’ers are a health conscious people. If you become a personal trainer, carve out a niche training a specific population. Pregnant moms, students, people with disabilities, etc. You could also set up a website promoting fitness products. But again, think niche. Instead of trying to design a website around fitness, why not target a specific population—like overweight students in Manhattan? Or busy working moms who want to loose weight. The money is in the marketing and the niche you choose to promote.

5. Guest Bartender: Love to drink and socialize? Know how to make a mean Manhattan, Long Island Ice Tea or Gogiberry martini? Meet your soul mate side job. Bars across the boroughs hold guest bartender nights featuring pro drink pourers looking for a following. If you’re good, crowds will come with you from bar to bar, often resulting in commissions from establishment owners. You could also go the traditional route, and bartend at one place. Instead of applying at the number one joint, go to your favorite dive. This will help to ensure your ability to pick up money shifts as there is less internal competition.

Live and Work in NYC entrepreneurial idea: Bartender come event planner. After you’ve built up a dedicated following at a local bar, expand your horizons to include small event planning. Chances are you’ve made friends with a few regulars, so start with a birthday party. I’m sure your boss isn’t going to turn down a chance for more business! What’s the internet marketing angle? Set up a website discussing your favorite cocktails and sell novelty shot glasses. Write about your experience a bartender in NYC and blog about it while promoting your favorite restaurants, bars and alcohols. Afffiliate ad op: Groupon, sound familiar?

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