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Money From Home, Make Your Computer A Tool 2
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This is a continuation of another article, "Money from Home, Make Your Computer a Tool 1." I want to continue more in-depth on starting your home online business. Assuming you are serious about making a difference in your financial future, you should be ready to start.

Money from Home Make, Your Life Back Take

I know it is a bold claim, but thousands have proven they could do it and they likely had nothing you don't have when they started out. No one is without a story to tell and everyone has knowledge and wisdom he or she can add to others. I want you to know you are full of possibilities. Whether these possibilities turn into money will depend on your ability to follow instructions, your imagination, and your perseverance, not necessarily in that order. The method I will be describing to help you earn money from home, make your computer a cash machine, and help you grow personally in affiliate marketing.

What Will You Sell?

When I started this journey, I started in debt and without much, if any most of the time, disposable cash. I did have a bank account, and you will need one, but it was empty often and I was plagued by overdraft fees (they already know you're broke - why do they take more money?). I knew I needed to start cheap.

I will first tell you how to get running basically free, then recommend why you should take on a few business expenses.

In my previous article, I described a little bit about how to get a product or service to promote, including looking at Clickbank or Commission Junction. In and around this process, you should be finding phrases people use to find information like that problem you want to help them solve. You may want to tell someone else how you learned to make money from home,make widgets in your spare time, or build dog houses. Before you commit to a phrase, also known as a keyword, you need to see how many times per month that phrase is used with search engines. For that, you can search out Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. Enter a search phrase (term) in the box at the top of the page and do your search. You will be required to type the letters shown in a distorted box to prove you are not a wandering computer program.

When you have picked a few phrases, you should write them down to keep track. You then need to see how much competition you will have if you write an article for that keyword (phrase). If there are several hundred or thousands of articles and sites using that keyword, someone starting out will not be heard. Trust me, they will not see such an article published by soneone on a beginner skill level. I mean no insult with this. There is a lot you will learn and eventually you may be able to write such an article and use several techniques to see it ranked with the search engines (this means, when someone types in the search phrase, they see your article or website. To see quickly how much competition your search phrase has, open up the Google search engine (the one most people use so you want to know about this one) and type your keyword phrase with quotation marks before and after, in the search box. Click search and there will be a number of results shown. This is the number of articles and websites that have your phrase in them. Big number bad, small number good. Make sure you have it spelled as you want it spelled.

Your Article, Your Site, Your Money from Home Makers

When you have your keyword phrase (henceforth keyword) picked out with many searches and low competition, you need a website to send your readers to. You can generate one for no money and write for free as well, so without spending any money, you can make money from home, make your computer work for you, and make your time worth more and more money. I can help you only so much. At some point you will need to get access to better tools and training, but I hope I can get you started so at least you can see the great value in the training and tools you will get.

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