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Not A CEO Yet? Why It May Never Happen For You
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Not A CEO Yet? Why it May Never Happen for You

So, you have found this article because you must yearn for more control over your career and you have worked out the best way to have control is to be the guy at the top. Trust me, you are not the first or the last to have tried. But being the guy at the top takes something special. Some might say that in order to become the CEO you must delete your conscience.

CEO's must make some nasty decisions that can make or break thousands of peoples lives. You may need to fire somebody who is struggling to feed his children and pay his mortgage. You cannot afford to care. Your biggest priority is to keep the company profitable and keep the investors happy by all legal means. If this means firing an entire workforce, so be it.

Also a CEO has some very powerful traits that intimidate the weak. A CEO inspires not only the motivation for his team to achieve but also inspires fear in his underlings. He must feel unapproachable by the workers and also be seen as uncontactable unless you are also viewed as a very important person.

Is all of this you? If you have it in you, then read on, because the upside is a fantastic ride if you choose to take the journey.

A CEO has control. He has power. He has people who beg to do him favors, that jump when he walks in the room, that run up some major overtime just to ensure that he gets all that he needs to succeed. He is invited to the wealthiest functions, rubs shoulders with influential people, wears the best clothes, has money to see the best places, has the company pay for most of his travel, gets to the office in style, eats at the best restaurants and, if he has children, can ensure that they are given the very best education and chance in life. People look to him for answers and the decisions lay with him.

The life of a CEO is of a higher order. A CEO represents capitalism in all its glory.

Yet, only so few people ever get to that level, and there is a very good reasons for this; Most people do not have the kahuna's to do what is really needed to get there. You don't get to be a CEO by being meek and kind. You get to be CEO by being strong, flawless, decisive and by taking no prisoners. You cannot let your guard down,not even at home. It must become your persona. Yes, your home life is very different and your wife probably owns you more than you will ever own your employees, but you must exert all of your strength at home until you are really the CEO in waiting.

Getting to the top is a lonely process where the people you believed were your friends have great opportunity in resenting you and the people who feel close to you might just be riding your coat tail. Childhood friends become good allies when you choose the path of a CEO, because they knew you before you had anything in your life. they knew you before all of the materialism and prestige. Keep those friends close.

Choosing the path of a CEO is bargaining with the devil. There is no negotiation with your conscience.

Finally, you must be switched on ALL the time. This includes:

  • Always seeing and pursuing opportunities.
  • Always networking.
  • Always giving pure value to the current CEO and ensuring that you are seen as irreplacable.
  • Always bringing in the big contracts.
  • Consistently studying the competition, looking for their weaknesses and exploiting them.
  • Always understand that profits are created by looking after the best people and make them WANT to work for you, but that also profits ALWAYS come before people... ALWAYS....
  • There is nothing more important in the company than the actual company. The company is its own entity. No matter who comes and goes, the company stays in place, uninterrupted.
  • You will go anywhere for your company and when required, you will finally fall on your sword, sacrificing yourself to ensure the companys survival.

Do you have all of this inside you? Do you know how to make the contacts you need to get to the next level? Do you know what to do and what to say? Did you choose a growing industry? Are you educated enough? What are your references like? Are they high quality references?

There are so many consideration. this is just the beginning of what it takes.

Two other factors deciding your success are time and dedication. Do you have the dedication to pursue this for as many years as it takes to become a CEO?

You also must ask yourself with complete honesty WHY you want to become a CEO, because you may travel down this road and ask where it leads. How long do you continue down that road before you realise that there are great sacrifices for this pursuit, including misisng your children growing up, being at their school plays and sporting events, remembering that youthful smile and glimmer in your wife's eye. Some of the wealthiest CEO's are also VERY divorced. their marriages could not survive the journey to the top that required dedication, NO MATTER WHAT.

And remeber, the toll on your personal life will be great. It is like the game of Monopoly; once you own all of the pieces, all of the properties and all of the money, when the game ends, it all must go back in the box. You must put the money back, the properties back, the pieces back and you will realise it was all just a game and you never owned anything at all. It all must go back in the box, including your body, old and tired.

But maybe it is better to have lived the life of a CEO than never to have been there. Life is about playing hard.

Let this tale be a warning. maybe by understanding this article you may avoid many of the pitfalls that have damaged so many of the people at the very top.

But, we'll see. See you at the top!

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