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The Shaklee Scam Explained
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The Shaklee Scam Explained

A lot of people are curious about a potential Shaklee scam. Are you one of them? Are you curious about this company, and want more information about whether or not this company is in fact a scam or a legitimate business? In this short article I will tell you the facts about Shaklee Corporation, and put to rest the Shaklee scam debate once and for all.

First off, what is a scam?

By definition, a scam is something fraudulent and dishonest. Other meanings could be to swindle or trick someone. Is this how Shaklee has built their business, by conducting fraudulent business practices? Has Shaklee been conducting business by swindling or tricking customers in any way? The answer to these questions are unequivocally NO!

This company has been in business since 1956, and has since become a very reputable all natural nutrition company, that sells high quality supplements, weight loss products, cleaning products, and beauty products. All of their products are all natural, and one of their main points of focus is the green movement.

Then why do people scream scam!

Shaklee operates as a network marketing company. For some reason, many people have a negative connotation of the phrase network marketing, and they associate it with the word pyramid scheme. Since Shaklee is a network marketing company, they get lumped into this stereotype.

The bottom line is that there are so many quality and legitimate network marketing companies out there, however, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, and they makes waves and give the entire business model a bad name.

For the record, a pyramid scheme is a business where money is changing hands, and their is no product or service provided in return. Almost every network marketing company operates in a legitimate manner, including Shaklee Corproation.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing companies do not advertise in the traditional manners that other companies do. Instead of paying for television advertising, and other forms like newspaper, magazine, radio, and others they rely on their distributors to spread the word. The goal for network marketers is to sell some products, while teaching other people to do the same. This is network marketing in a nutshell.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this. Shaklee Corporation is a legitimate company. The words Shaklee scam are often uttered because people do not understand what network marketing is all about.

As long as companies like Shaklee continue to operate as network marketing companies, they will most likely have to endure these criticisms. It is possible to build a successful Shaklee home business, but the truth of the matter is that most people that attempt to build a network marketing home business fail. However, the ones that do make it enjoy the lifestyle of residual income, time freedom, and much more.

Street Talk

Dom Wells  

It really winds me up when people think Network Marketing automatically means Pyramid Scheme. Good for you!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Dom! Yea, it is so strange how people associate network marketing with pyramid scheme. A standard corporate job resembles a pyramid as well, but it does not make it a pyramid scheme. Thanks for checking out my article!

  about 9 years ago
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