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Why Designing Your Own Life Is Possible Today More Than Ever Before?
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Why Designing Your Own Life is Possible Today More Than Ever Before?

At the beginning of humanity, first people were producing their basic needs by themselves. Later, noticing that they were able to do more than enough products for their families, they thought to exchange the excess products with other products they needed.

In this way, people started to exchange goods to improve their lives.

From the very old times the most rewarded people were those who served better others to fulfill their needs, offering solutions - products or services- to their problems or desires, and contributing more and better to the economy supply.

This is the way the economy works.

As long as we live into a material world, the economy is the one which supplies all we need to live and evolve.

The economy supplies people all products and services they need in exchange of money. To obtain money, we have to contribute to the economy supply. In exchange of our contribution we get a reward in the form of money we can further exchange on what we need. This is the very basic law of the economy.

We need money to live a decent life, grow, and evolve. Our standard of living depends on our contribution to the economy supply and on the reward we get in exchange.

For most of us, not having enough money is the reason why we’re not living as we wished to. We are stuck in a 9 to 5 job which sucks both our time and energy.

Before the Internet age, the main option for people to make a living was to work for somebody else. Starting their businesses required on one hand capital and on the other hand business knowledge.

Moreover, as employees, people enjoyed a lot of advantages like financial security, safety and nice money rewards. In this way, they haven’t too many reasons to go on their own.

When they didn’t like the job, they easily could get another one.

But today things changed.

The demand of jobs decreased and jobs safety is gone. Jobs don’t offer financial security anymore.

On the other side, business knowledge became accessible to all people willing to get business education. While twenty years ago business education was almost exclusively made in business schools in exchange of big tuition fees, now anyone willing to learn business principles can do it online for accessible prices or even for free.

Business opportunities increased significantly. The online business environment allows people to start businesses with a very low investment. Online businesses have also the possibility to reach much more prospects then a traditional business could few years ago.

Understanding the basic economy law, learning business principles, and leveraging on their work experience and professional knowledge acquired while working for others, anyone can build today her own business and design her life as she wants it to be.

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