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Why Having A Job Is Killing You Slowly
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Why Having A Job Is Killing You Slowly

What is one of the scariest things you know of? Think hard. To some, they vision the boogey man in the closet, a nightmare they had, divorce, or cancer. Some say getting old is one of the scariest things in life. Some audio book downloads from the worlds wisest tell us that there is something deeper to life than what we see on the surface.

I think one of the scariest things in life hasn't happened yet for many of us. It is getting to the end of your life, looking back and seeing the millions of things you dreamed of and never had the opportunity to do. You spent your life working a job that ended up being extremely dissatisfying.

At some point you thought of going back to study to earn a degree but you became too old and you couldn't make the time or financial sacrifice. So instead you dedicated your life to helping somebody else make money.

Life is short! You are literally cutting your life in half by spending half of your one life in a meagre place that pays you a little mone

It disgusts me.

Why??! I would say that I always pursued a career that was meaningful for me, so i felt I used my time well. I got to highest point for me and realised that i needed the next challenge. I struggled with money in my career, but I was sacrificing earning big money in exchange for pursuing my passions.

You know, some of the highest paying jobs are also the most boring or most high pressure.

My career was neither. I travelled the country in a fantastic, rewarding commercial radio career, driving from town to town, listening to my audio books online and on CD in areas where there was no radio. I broadcast across the country. There were parties, broadcast events, concerts, free movies and meeting brilliant musicians from around the globe.

We need to be honest with ourselves in saying we are slaves in an invisible prison. Money is nothing. It is simply an idea. It is a score card. We concentrate on it as if it is more important than experiencing every moment life has to offer.

We always think of saving for the future but the future never comes. The regrets build up with every day that we don't take action on our passions. We delude ourselves that more money will give us more satisfaction. In fact, I am surprised none of us have really cottoned on the fact that many, many rich people indulge in drugs to help them through the day and make them feel alive.

Even all of their riches and options do nothing for them, so much so that they turn to drugs that kill. Yet we all don't connect that money and satisfaction do not go hand in hand.

We consume useless things and get caught up in a little computer in our pocket where the screen moves when you touch it. Then next year a new model comes out and our perfect great, futuristic phone is no longer good enough for us.

We have lost our connection with the real world around us and when we spend each and every week in a job that has no meaning, chasing a pay cheque, we miss the point to life.

But we are stuck with money. We need to eat and it requires money. So maybe we need to look for a residual money opportunity that pays us enough to work for free at something we are passionate about. That is what I have done. It’s why I connected with audio books and it became my business passion.

Any support you give when you get your audio books from me, is a chance for me to pursue MY dreams. I am not a corporate monster like Amazon. I am a guy who is building a team and giving opportunities, slowly, to others.

I am done with board rooms, sales meetings,, 30 minute lunch breaks, 4 weeks annual leave that needs to be booked six months in advance. I am done with benefits and control. I have woken up from my Matrix with the help of some of the world’s best authors on the subject. I spend my spare tie with audio book downloads, listening to the best business advice that I can apply quickly.

I find an author who is living as passionately as I want to live and I get his audio books online, because i don't always have the time i need to read. I use these audio books to train my mind. I can learn languages in my car and I can get smarter than people who have spent years in university. but it wasn't just listening to audio books that woke me up. It was real life experiences.

This may not connect with you, but one of the times that really hit me that I was a slave was when a dog I had for 16 years passed away and my boss would not even give me a day off to grieve. I could have taken a sick day I guess but I wasn't sick and they threatened to fire me if I took a sick day deceitfully. She was my best buddy and I felt broken. It hit me that I couldn't drive back to my home town and give her a little burial. it's strange i know. My mother called me to give me the bad news and I wasn't allowed to leave or grieve.

These little moments in life stick with you and if enough of them occur you must realise that this time it is time to fight for your life.

Your job is killing you. It is killing you slowly. Each moment missed is a moment you will NEVER regain.

Look for an opportunity that pays you a residual income and work it like your life depended on it. Then, use the money to live, to give and pursue what you really want to do in life.

Good luck. See you at the end.

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