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Why Won't People Just Join Your Facebook Page?!
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Why Won\'t People Just Join Your Facebook Page?!

Here's the scenario; You have created your Facebook fan page for your business. The idea was that once you create your fan page that EVERYONE would know how awesome you are and excitedly tell their friends about you, who would tell their friends, who would tell their friends and it would spread virally throughout facebook. That 'share' and 'like' button are so quick and easy to press, so why wouldn't they??

Still, full of enthusiasm, you invite every single one of your close facebook friends to join your page. there are over 300 on your list, so each time you post some great news about your business or a special you have to offer, they would see it and their friends would see it. no friends of yours would ever let you down. You select all of your 300 friends and click 'Invite'...BAM! It's done. time to watch the fans roll in. Hahahaha, this will be so great for your business!

Within two days, you realise that just 5% of your friends have actually liked your page. Just 15 friends have taken the time to click 'like'. Over the next week only a couple of other people become your fans. How could this be??!! Facebook is where everybody spend so much of their spare time!

If your own friends didn't like your page, it dawns on you just how difficult it will be to build a fan base.

Why didn't everybody like your page? Why won't they share your business with all of their friends? I have the answer, but it is something that is better realized as an 'AH HA!' moment...

How many times have you been to your letter box just to be inundated with useless annoying flyers, advertising specials? How many times have you opened your own emails up just to see spam email after spam email? How does it make you feel? Now, do you think people, who log in to Facebook to see their friends and family's photos, videos, feelings and posts, want to see more advertising from you for a 20% off massage or tax return? the answer is a big, fat "NO!"

Let me tell you my story. I am the owner of Wild nights Party Bus, and Sonic Audio Books online. It has taken me a very long time to build up my fan base on Facebook, but I have stuck with it, regardless of the rejection or setbacks. Many of my fans of these businesses are not my friends and many I have absolutely no idea of where they found my page.

My party bus business is ultimately very social. The business takes people out on their hens nights, stag nights and all other celebrations on an awesome party bus. It is a huge nightclub crawl where they get completely... worn out. We take many photos of them on the night and then we offer to put those photos on our Facebook fan page. if they like the page, they can see their own photos. Our fan base builds weekly, no problems.

With the other audio books online business, I started out inviting over 300 friends, to which just 21 people liked the page. this has built over time by joining Writers groups, authors fan pages and commenting on many writers' blogs. Many of Sonic Audiobooks facebook fans are not my own friends. they liked my page because they are actually interested in audio books to download.

21 friends support Sonic Audiobooks, not because they like top audio books, but because they like ME and actively want to support what I do. They share my posts to their friends when I post soomething compelling.

Herein lays the difficulty; How do you actively promote your business on facebook and get people to like your page, and still market your business specials? The answer is, never promote specials, only promote you and promote others who want to read about themselves.

I have a wonderful friend who runs a hugely successful business called Exceptional Tuition & Resumes, and her facebook marketing attracts attention. She never tells people of her specials and of her opening hours. She actively markets her business by entering business awards and seminars, gets in the newspaper and gets her photograph taken. She then scans the articles in and uploads the articles to facebook. She uploads photos of her and her students and clients and of social occasions such as networking events and society functions. by showing to everybody that she is in fact popular OFF Facebook, she encourages people to be pulled in to her world and to like her as a person, and therefore like her business. People actively want to learn from her.

Another lesson in social networking that I actually learned by some great marketing audio books, is to share hilarious, but relevant viral videos. People share what is funny and when they do, it will always say "John SMith Shared a link from Sonic Audiobooks" and this continues on. If you promote enough viral videos, people will want to get them directly from your fan page.

You see, a facebook fan page is not about advertising. It is about promoting you and your achievments. It is about the truly social aspect of your business and making people care about you as a person. Share some personal stories of your success. make people believe in YOU, not just your business. get social and upload not just your logo, but you in social scenes with other friends. Show people you have a great life outside of your business, but also share what your clients do for fun. If they allow you to get photos of them onto your fan page, they will share those images with THIER friends and so on.

Building a fan base os not an overnight event. It can take months. you need to prove yourself to everyone and promise them that you will not bombard them with advertising. people go to Facebook to escape advertising. they go there to socialize, play dumb Zynga games and essentially waste time. They don't want to be sold to.

Personally, I am extremely careful who and what I like on Facebook because I to am there just to escape reality.

Street Talk

Another great article Greg. Very true what you wrote about fan page and I had to learn the hard way. Just this weekend I figured out something new that by chance exploded and it blew my mind! I will write an article about it soon. However, people Re suckers for 'lifestyle'. That is why those photos get shared and build followers. Sell them an attractive lifestyle they like and want and they will follow you!

  about 9 years ago

Heya Anna. Vaygah. Thank you. I like your style. Awesome ideas to market to mothers on mothers day and other occasions. great blog. I play D& D Online but haven't had much time to do that since Christmas, let alone W.O.W. We had a EA Games convention here on the Gold Coast and it was cool to see everyone dressed as their favorite. Great blog and really cool niche. I read the lot! I will be selling the Diablo III audio book, going live at the end of June.

  about 1 decade ago

Great article! I have to agree, when I first made my fanpage I was so upset with the outcome at first, but I stuck with it and like you am starting to get a following. Great ideas with making sure that you are being social on the fanpage, I noticed that when I post things that have to do within my niche in even the smallest way my fanpage will get a following. Another thing you may want to add is associating holidays. Mother's day was sunday so I put up a heart felt message and tagged all of the mothers I could within it, than in turn asked others to share it with others. It got a better following than I have in months. Always be creative!

  about 1 decade ago
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