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Why Work From Home?
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A lot of times people who know me will ask why I work at home. They want to know why I don’t go get a regular job or a regular brick and motor business; they really want to know why work at home. To me there is no better feeling than not actually having to leave the house; and to be honest, if I didn’t have to I would not leave the house. I’d order in, get groceries sent in, and literally leave only to functions I wanted to attend. And hopefully, by article end, I will relay to you some big reasons why I work at home and why you should consider it too.

First off, this is not for everyone. If everyone worked from home, we wouldn’t have much of a government and industrial work would be on ice; so this is for people who’ve typed something in the search engines that may suggest you are in this field of wondering why you should work from home.

One thing working from home does is it builds character and discipline. To start you’ll have to go through the grind, working hard usually by yourself with every possible distraction right at your finger tips and this will be what will build your character. Not to mention the pay may not be so rewarding to begin with and this will keep you humble until things begin to kick in and the plane gets off the ground.

Working from home will also build discipline. Working as I mentioned earlier for little or no pay will require you stay persistent in your work and consistent. If the money does not roll in right away; you’ll have to have the discipline to continue working, plot out a new plan, and keep moving forward. Also, remember you work at home so distractions are finger tips away. You have the TV, the microwave, the phone, the kids, the stare-offs, the photo albums, the bed, the quick break internet surf, and on and on.

This can lead you to the poor house very quickly because of the unproductive house this creates. Discipline, focus, and more discipline it will take to work at home successfully. If you can work the discipline, you will have more time with your family. This is probably the main goal and why you want to work from home in the first place. So build character, discipline, and make a good schedule to work off of so you balance the time you are suppose to spend with your family.

Unlimited potential is the definite upside to working from home. If you find a good program to earn money with; you can do what the program teaches and make a pretty sum of money. You do not have a lot of overhead so this is the best way to create unlimited potential for income and time. Working from home has one downside to me if you have kids; they tend to get to use to you and you do not get the joyful kids that jump up and down and scream daddy or mommy when you get back.

If you will really miss this then keep your day job until the kids get older and they do not care you returned from a grueling day of work and an even more punishing commute back. Happy working from home…

Koko Ishe

Street Talk

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