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Why You Will Always Work For The Man
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Why You Will Always Work for the Man

You may soon realise what I learned long ago... it is not easy to escape the work force. It is one of the hardest things you will ever do. The economy has you where it wants you. The tax man has you where he needs you. There is absolutely no reason either of them would ever want to let you go.

There is absolutely no experience in life as difficult as becoming a truly successful entrepreneur. Some might say that surviving cancer is far more difficult and I would say that as much empathy as I have for cancer victims, as I have lost loved ones to that horrible disease, that there is still nothing more difficult than truly escaping a 9-5 job, where you trade your one and only life for a small amount of money. If you survive cancer, you still must somehow return to work and make an income to live. It is a cancer survivor though that knows the value of his / her time.

You cannot get your time back. Out of each pay check you must pay your mortgage or rent, phone, Internet, food, clothing, debts and with what's left, a little entertainment and a little savings. this will go on and on for the remainder of your days.

So the conclusion is that there must be more. Keep in mind that only you and your immediate family have any investment in seeing you succeed. When you have a job, just a plain old job, the government is guaranteed to get its taxes from you and the banks are guaranteed to siphon your account of interest.

This is called work slavery. You need job freedom.

Imagine this statistic:

  • You live for approximately 80 years
  • Collectively you sleep for 20 years. This leaves you with 60 years to live.
  • For the first 20 years you are under the guidance and rules of your parents and teachers and must go where they say and do what they say to do. This leaves you with 40 years to live.. From 80 years you are now down to 40 years.
  • For the next 40 years you work a job in order to pay your way, pay your debts, pay for your home and trade this time for a pay cheque.
  • Each year you are entitled to 4 weeks vacation. This is equal to 160 weeks of vacation over 40 years.
  • Out of 80 years, this means you only get 160 weeks, or 3.5 years to do what YOU want to do. Just over 3 years from 80 years to REALLY live.
  • Most people could not afford to pursue those dreams because of their finances in those 160 weeks.

So, maybe 80 weeks out of those 160 weeks you will fulfill those dreams. Yes there are beautiful memories, heartbreak and inspiration throughout your entire life, but what I am speaking of is your freedom. This is your freedom to pursue everything you dream to do.

But only until you realise that this is in fact, literally the fight for your very life and not some inconvenience of having a job, will you have a chance. Until you start the fight you will ALWAYS work for the man.

There are many known authors who learned the value of time and they are the pioneers of our time. You can easily download their audio books online.

The entrepreneur however, wants to claw his way out of this coffin. He will scratch, bite, claw and beat his way out of this place. But as he does, he realises that there is a long battle to the surface. On top of the coffin he is trapped inside is 6 feet of dirt, which is underneath hardened concrete, and this is buried inside a tomb. The strange thing is, you only know you are trapped when you try to escape. When you don't try, life just feels a little uncomfortable and it leaves you thinking "I wonder of there is something more in the world..." It is when you listen to those voices that the thought of escape occurs. This is realising you are bonded into work slavery.

Very few people, except the big boys of business, realise this and THIS is the reason why

1) They will always work for the man

2) YOU can BECOME the man.

That's right, 'the man' is one of the lucky few who escaped for himself. He clawed his way to the top and now looks down on the masses and wonders why they don't wake up. but he also profits from their complacency.

Now you must decide if you have the fight inside of you. This is not a pep talk or a rally. This is to simply challenge you and ask you to give up.but if you give up, you must become content and you must be truly happy with what you have. It is time you leaned to be grateful for what you have and never regret the things you don't have.

An entrepreneur leaves no stone unturned looking for opportunity. He listens to each pitch genuinely and over time, learns which opportunities are scams and which ones are the real deal. He will lose some of his money finding his way, but once he loses it, he is careful not to lose it again.

An entrepreneur, just like a music artist is an overnight success... an overnight success that has dedicated his life to developing his ultimate idea and training for the big fight, mapping out his escape route. That's right, those artists are never overnight successes. We just see them when they are discovered. But they are always behind the scenes dedicating their lives to their passions. And this is the true entrepreneur as well.

Why you will always work for the man is down to your own motivations. If it is really inside you, then claw your way out. Get your hands dirty. Get savvy. Get real. Never give up. For each rejection, learn and try smarter (not just harder). Judge your life not just by your bank account but by the quality of people in your life. Most of all, be fearless. There is no fail. There is only try and try again.

Street Talk

Thank you for your kind words. I really feel these concepts must be understood. This of course is very different from following a passionate career, such as being a surgeon, police officer, medic, or dedicating your life to charity. A surgeon may have a high income, but the rest, in general, never will. they know the pay and they do not care. But fulfilling careers can be hard to come by and require years if training and a life of dedication. Money is not the be all end all. But when you realise how many doors are closed to you because of your income, the ticking clock of time counting down gets louder and louder.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Greg. Very good article. It's all about wanting to make life worthwhile and most of us try. The problem is that learning comes earlier than your twentieth birthday and if not given the right training, it takes longer to achieve one's goals . Not too many families today provide the proper training and support their children should have because they themselves have not been privvy too these benefits. I have always been an advocate of being an entrepreneur as opposed to working for others in one's lifetime. However, only so many of us can fulfill our dreams.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you for this article! Learning to break free from work slavery is hard and many people do not succeed because they simply don't have the fight in them!

  about 1 decade ago
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