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Most people look to work on net to generate a little extra money every month to reach the threshold needed to pay the bills. Earning money online with this in mind will not make you a fortune but will earn extra cash for your needs.

A lot of other people use the internet for making a living with but this requires a lot of work. In this article we will look at both types of ways to earn online. The most popular way to make a full time living online is by means of 'affiliate marketing'. Affiliate marketing involves you advertising and reviewing someone else's products through you own website or webpage. If any of these products manage to sell you will receive a percentage of the sale price.

I, myself use affiliate marketing as a means to earn online but I did have to be taught how to do it correctly first. Do not just jump into affiliate marketing without any research or training as you will probably fall at the first hurdle. Another way to work on net is through means of freelancing. Obviously, if you have a specialist qualification or training you will have an advantage with freelancing but this is not a necessity. Personally, I write articles that other people us for their websites.

I only earn about three dollars per article but the articles are only about 400 words long each which allows for quite a few articles to be written per day. A very popular way to work on net is by signing up with a marketing company and answering questionnaires, a word of warning though, I found this a terribly boring way to earn money and it did not last for long for me. On the flip side of the coin I do know that particular people have earned well from these sites but they were not for me. If you want to sell your own items to work on net then the obvious legitimate way to do this is through Ebay. Millions of people use Ebay and you need very little computer knowledge to do so - just items to sell and a Paypal account - it really is that simple.

I first started out earning online by selling antique ceramics on Ebay and this worked out very well for me for a period of time. Everyone has the ability to work on net as long as they find a niche that suits them when earning . Good luck and enjoy your experience online.  

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