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Electromagnetic Radiation
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Electromagnetic radiation products have proven to be very effective in protecting against radiation especially from home appliances which emit different wave length and frequency of electro magnetic radiation. As we all know electromagnetic waves are colorless, tasteless, odorless, an invisible. These traits allow this radiation to attack our health undetected, and to build up in our systems. Normally by the time the signs of radiation show up physically, people would have developed some kind of cancer or tumor.

Radiation shows up in many forms and diseases, the symptoms include a decrease in normal physical activity, frequent headaches that cannot be attributed to any specific cause, insomnia, depression, which leads to low self esteem, Also causes ophthalmology problems, Thyroid problems, impedes growth of bones in children, interrupts the flow of calcium ions within the cell membrane, and a host of different disorders.

Electromagnetic radiation has been known without a doubt to harm humans and is known as the invisible killer. Technology today has come up with a specialized products that are readily available, that can effectively absorb and eliminate destructible electromagnetic radiation, and allow you to enjoy and use all households appliances that emit small amounts of radiation without worrying about the risk of radiation exposure.

Electromagnetic radiation products are worn on the body for most of your waking day. With today’s lifestyle, most of us use a computer daily. Some of us use computers for eight hours a day or more, because it is the means by which we earn a living, people working in offices, secretaries, people in administration, human resources, engineering, transportation, CAD operators, and many other fields, usually spend six to ten hours on a computer It is said that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the computers and LCD terminals is minimal but being exposed to this every day for five to twenty years could easily cause radiation related problems. People working long hours on the computer usually suffer from eye strain, headaches, sometimes dizziness, general tiredness and lethargy. Some of these symptoms are caused by inactivity, sitting at your computer all day without taking the required breaks but the majority of these can be prevented by protecting yourself from the electromagnetic radiation waves, using the electromagnetic prevention products that are available. The main produce for overall electromagnetic blocking is a pendant which can be worn around the neck on its own or coupled with any of your favorite necklaces. For information on protecting yourself from harmful radiation use the pendant.

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