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Environmentally Friendly Products For The Home
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Choosing environmentally friendly products for the home is neither hard nor expensive. There are a few products that can do a multitude of applications and they work easily and do a terrific job.

One of my two favourite environmentally friendly products for the home is vinegar. A little bit of vinegar in water is really good at cleaning windows, especially if you use a squeegee to dry them off afterwards. Because vinegar has an antiseptic property, then it is ideal with a bit of water to clean in the bathroom. It will clean mirrors, shower screens and porcelain surfaces so that they shine and are literally squeaky clean. It is fantastic in the toilet as well as the external because it does kill germs. Vinegar can also make tiles nice and shiny, but a word of caution; if the vinegar is not significantly diluted it can gradually eat away at the grouting between your tiles, be it floor or wall tiles.

My other absolute favourite environmentally friendly products for the home is bicarbonate soda, which is commonly referred to as bicarb or baking soda. Bicarbonate soda is great for cleaning stains. If you make a paste out of it and allow some time to sit on the stain (usually I allow 20 minutes, but you don't need to be precise) it will remove stains from coffee cups, saucepans, or just about anything in the kitchen including ovens. It will remove stains from mattresses and sometimes carpet (although I would check with manufacturers recommendations on this one). If clothes are stained then I often soak them in bicarb and water and most of the time it completely remove the stain. In my opinion, its just as good as any commercially available stain remover that is on the market, and considering I have two active boys, one is a pre-schooler and the other is a toddler in nappies (diapers) I think I am well qualified to remark on stains and the removal thereof!

If you use both vinegar and bicarbonate soda together, because one is an acid (vinegar) and the other is an alkaline (bicarbonate soda) they foam up and do a superior cleaning job, particularly in the bathroom on stubborn marks or awkward corners. Together they are the best toilet cleaner I have ever used. Bicarb and vinegar are also good for clearing slow moving drains because of their foaming quality, although if it was a badly blocked drain then I'd call in a plumber. I replace bicarbonate soda for washing powder and vinegar for a rinse aid or fabric softener . I use this dynamic duo for all my washing and everything comes out looking and smelling fresh and not of vinegar.

There are several other environmentally friendly products for the home, apart from the bicarbonate soda and vinegar, that are not only good for the environment but do a wonderful job too.

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