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Food Poisoning
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Summer is finally on our heels. I bet many of you are thinking about all those fun activities that you have planned or are in the process of planning. All of the out door bar-b-ques, family reunions, graduation parties, sports games and etc. Most of these activities are centered around food or snacks of some sort. Don't get so caught up in the activities , and forget food safety. We need to be mindful of how food is prepared and storred, if we are planning on eating outside, especially if it is hot.

Food poisoning is more common then you think, especially in the hot weather. Food poisoning happens when a variety of bacteria enters a food supply. There are five different bacteria, and believe me they are a nasty bug that you do not want to come into contact with. They could curtail your fun very quickly. They will make you very sick for 24-36 hours. These bacteria can make it much worse for younger children and older adults as they just do not have the high tolerance for them.

*Three of these bacteria are found in uncooked foods and grown in the intestional tract. The other two bacteria can cause an anaphylactic shock and in rare cases death. If you should handle raw meat and then touch cooked foods without washing your hands you can taint the cooked foods.*

If you are eating outside and it is hot you need to take precautions to keep the cold foods cold, using coolers or ice trays. Take caution if serving salads with mayo as mayo tends to spoil quickly.

*If you suspect food poisoning the illness is quick onset and the symptoms may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, abdominal pain and a feeling of weakness over the whole body. Fever is generally not present with food poisoning. If a fever is present it could be something else going on beside food poisoning.*

Food poisoning can usually be prevented by taking some precautions to decrease your risk. Be sure to cook food throughly. Be sure to wash your hands before and after handling food. Wash utensils well. When preparing meat, chicken and fish disinfect the work area before preparing any other food dishes to prevent cross contamination. Do not keep left over food for more then one or two days, as bacteria starts to grow in the food. Foods that present a high risk for poisoning is raw meat, fish and undercooked eggs.

If you see symptons of food poisoning in a child, older person or a person with an immunodefficency disease, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you have food poisoning and are unable to stop the diarrhea or vomiting and are feeling faint or dizzy call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to counteract the diarrhea and vomiting, as this can cause dehydration and

fluids will help to keep you hydrated.

Have fun in the sun this year and I hope that I have given you some helpful tips to stay safe this coming summer

Here's to your Health and Fitness

reference: *The Cornell Encyclopedia of Health*

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