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How To Detoxify Your Body Naturally
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Every day we are challenged with environmental toxins in the air and in the food we eat. While we can decrease toxic intake by using green products and eating organic, we can't completely eliminate them from the environment or from our bodies.

Toxic chemical substances have been found in the blood of even remote tribal people who have little or no contact with modern civilization. Further, the older we are the more likely it is we were exposed to toxins, now banned, which are still in our bodies causing problems; and of course there are many toxins in our environment today that haven't been fully researched, or about which there is controversy regarding their safety.

Health wise, toxins have been linked to cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain, asthma and a host of other conditions. Since we can't totally control our exposure to toxins, it is important to make use of products which can help us detoxify. In addition, we can start using products which can at least partially help decrease our exposure.

To get started detoxing, consider the following:

  • Switch to green cleaning products for your home. Baking soda, white vinegar, borax, washing soda and coarse salt can do most of your cleaning jobs for a lot less than commercial cleaners. If you want to use commercial products research the company and ask questions. Studies have shown there are lots of toxins in so called green products and what you read on the label may be misleading as they are not required to reveal all of their ingredients.
  • Eliminate personal care products that have chemical ingredients. If you buy them at your local big box store, you may need to throw most of them out, although there are a few exceptions. You can usually rely on Burt's Bees products, now available in big box stores and other surprising places. While your best source is a natural food store, still read the labels carefully. You'll be surprised at how many products have toxins. Visit the website of the Environmental Working Group for more info about which products are safe.
  • Find a good green product and add it to smoothies or to the water which you drink daily out of stainless steel or glass containers. (You aren't still drinking from plastic bottles are you?) Visit your local health food store or research these products online. You will find mixtures that include barley, spinach, wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa and others. Avoid the ones with sweeteners (except stevia) or artificial ingredients of any kind. These products are loaded with chlorophyll as well as minerals and other vital nutrients and are great for detoxification.
  • Eat chlorella. Chlorella may be an ingredient in your green mixture, but either way it is a good addition to your detox program. Truly a superfood, it helps increase the oxygen content in your blood, improves digestion (its great if you suffer from gas) and helps with elimination. In addition to vitamins and minerals it is also loaded with protein.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea is good choice for a lot of things, and detox is one of them. It is high in antioxidants and research at the University of Arizona Cancer Center found that it caused as much as an 80% increase in GST enzymes thought to defend against cancer causing chemicals and toxins.

Just about every health goal from losing weight, balancing blood sugar to preventing cancer will benefit from detoxing your body. Pick one of these ideas and gradually incorporate the rest. The payoff in the form of better health and increased energy is huge.

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